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Kiilki VS for 7



Kiilki Visual Style for Windows 7

Port of my original VS Kiilki Visual Style for Vista.
You people asked for it, so here it is. :D
There might be some bugs since it's my first theme for 7..
One that I know of is that when using the Content view in windows explorer, the separators are white~ish, which doesn't look insanely good. Couldn't find a way to fix that, sorry.
I sincerely apologize about the Start menu not being skinned. I tried modding it but it just sucked. So I decided I'd rather let it default than release something that looks bad.
Apart from that, it should be fine.
I hope you'll enjoy it!

Find 64 bit system files here [link] thanks to !nBite

I've had some people reporting that the system files caused trouble to their computer. This is a very old theme, the system files are outdated, I don't recommand you using them. Sorry.

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