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Thing in the Reef
It wasn’t the fact that he’d seen a Mongolian mine fish, it was the fact that he hadn’t see any angelfish that gutted the young diver so much. He’d always expected that when he got out here, it’d be just like the glamorous world he’d always imagined. Well, he guessed, this was just the real world. Those swarms of fish from the TV were a once in a lifetime sight, and it was his first time on a dive. He guessed he’d just have to look again some other time.
But there was still something bothering him. He’d seen a lot of creatures down in the reef, but something just didn’t quite add up. Turning his back on the boat he’d surfaced to, he plunged back into the water, oblivious to the cries of the others, and headed back for the spot he thought he’d seen.
And sure enough, it was there. As he lifted the tiny creature with his hands, he didn’t realise exactly the scope of what had just happened. As he turned in shock, the world as he
:iconbeezeroone:BeeZeroOne 1 1
Open to Open
Open: That’s how it was through the life of this man. And that’s the way it is right now, as he sits alone under the broken canopy he’d once stood proudly atop. In this forgotten land he sits, surrounded by shadows, his mind and his fears open for all the world to see. Now it is all but over for him, and as he sits with head in hands, he can’t for the life of him discover the true meaning of the word. His mind is closed to himself, but to the world, he is open.
:iconbeezeroone:BeeZeroOne 1 0
Jam Jar
Jam Jar. Yes, Jam Jar. That’s what she said to me, I’m sure of it. But what on earth did she mean by “Jam Jar”? Is this meant to be some kind of metaphor? Never mind anyway. I seriously doubt the ramblings of a trashy carnival psychic have much truth or impact anyway.
Or do they?
What can Jam Jar possibly mean?
Surely not just a jar, filled with jam. I don’t think so, anyway.
I hope it’s a jar of jam, that’d make things easy. I have one of those sitting right there in my fridge. That’d do nicely if that’s what she did mean at least.
“Your fate is tied to a Jam Jar.” That’s precisely what she said to me. Let’s see, should be right here… behind this, no, not over there, behind the butter… Ah, that’s the one! Now, let’s see. These things are always so tricky to open.
That was unexpected.
:iconbeezeroone:BeeZeroOne 1 2
IR: Ascent of the Angelfish by BeeZeroOne IR: Ascent of the Angelfish :iconbeezeroone:BeeZeroOne 3 2 Technicolor by AstroBrandt Technicolor :iconastrobrandt:AstroBrandt 5 2
Clockwork Fantasies
falling slowly
spiraling onward
fading into hope
hope turning
back to dreams
living breathing
dreams and cares
for us to see
to touch and hold
but no one else
just us alone
no one else
to touch our dreams
no one else
to reach them
hold them
caress them
keep them
dream them
keep time awake
and dream
:icondeaths-lil-angel:deaths-lil-angel 1 6
Flame Orb
Passion and hate
formed from the flames
color of blood
used for shame
powers unknown
fire everlasting
hatred unwinding
pain flooding
formed to a jewel
a jewel of flame
a jewel of passion
a jewel of blood
:icondeaths-lil-angel:deaths-lil-angel 1 25
Endsville by phoenixkeyblack Endsville :iconphoenixkeyblack:phoenixkeyblack 9 2 Homage to Giger IV by bureau22 Homage to Giger IV :iconbureau22:bureau22 3 0


If you'd like permission to use my art in your work, please contact me on Twitter. Don't contact me using deviantART's notes function as I most likely won't be checking those. If your project is non-commercial, you don't need to ask, though it would be nice if you let me know. If it's a commercial project, ask nicely and I'll most likely let you use it anyway! Remember, ask on twitter.

I might come back with a new fractal from time to time, but that's going to be very rare.

On a side note, I'm currently trying to work my way up as an electronic musician/composer, doing some trance/tech dance/progressive house music, as well as some hardcore techno. If that sort of thing strikes your fancy, please follow me at my SoundCloud account! It's at, hope to see you there!


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Vernon Tan
Artist | Student | Digital Art
This deviantART account is no longer active. I have left all of my previous works up on this account as an archive of sorts. Feel free to use my work in any of your projects, commercial or not! Just credit, and let me know/see, if possible. I will read all messages and comments and reply if appropriate, but there will most likely be no new works posted here.

I'm currently trying to work my way up as an electronic musician/composer. If that sort of thing strikes your fancy, please follow me at my SoundCloud account! Link is below.


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Oi, Nitro, how about cranking out some more fractals? Something 16x9? I dig using your stuff as my wallpapers.
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Your digital art is the shit. And when I say the shit - I hope you understand it is very good.
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I see that you recently have visited my page. c:
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I know you from somewhere.
Is it true that you made a Z.X.Z at some point?
NitroX72 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2010  Student Digital Artist
yep. it was called zNz. it was long ago and it was terrible though
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