MST3K: Shattered Reflections (Prologue)

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Mystery Science Theater 3000: Shattered Reflections


In the year of 1988, Joel Robinson, a lowly janitor at the Gizmonic  Asylum, showed his true nature when he stole the experimental Stationary Orbital Laboratory and launched it into space with two hostages on board, Dr. Clayton Forrester and Dr. Laurence Erhardt.  They were two scientists at the Asylum who were planning on creating a device to turn bad movies into really good ones.  After they were shot up, they were forced to watch terrible movies by Joel Robinson.  During that time, Joel took blueprints from Forrester and Erhardt's lab to create three robots to keep control, Gypsy, Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo.

Joel walked over to the techtronic control panel to call up to the SOL.  He pressed a few buttons and a holoscreen in front of him flickered on.

“Hello, John and Yoko.  Have you gone mad yet?” Joel asked.

“No we haven't Joel, sir!” Dr. Erhardt said.

“Yep, and you can't make us go mad!” Forrester said.

“Well, I'll bet you can't stay like that for much longer.  Your movie today is the terrible piece of cinematic cheese called Robot Monster, along with two the dreadful Commando Cody shorts! Mwahahahahahaha! You will be insane soon enough!” Joel said.

“See? It's a cumber bubble-bund!” Forrester said.

“It's great for parties!” Erhardt said.

“Uh oh, We've got movie sign!” Forrester and Erhardt said at the same time and ran off the bridge.

“Jesus, those two.  I need to figure out how to get rid of one of them...hmmm.” Joel said deviously.
My new MST3K fanfic that explores the mirror universe of MST3K visited in "Last of the Wild Horses"

I don't own MST3K and the cover was made by me combining images from the show.
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