MST3K: Dr. Erhardt's Revenge Chapter 1

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Dr. Erhardt's Revenge
Chapter 1- He's "Missing"

It had been several months since Laurence Erhardt had went "missing" from Deep 13.  Dr. F was worried at first, but got over it.  TV's Frank had taken over and was a lot better that Erhardt because he never talked back to him when he told him to file something.  But he wasn't gone forever.  

In Deep 13 the night after Gamera vs. Guiron had been shown to Joel and the Bots, a shadowy figure was sneaking in the caverns, looking for something.  While he was looking Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank were filing away the bad movies.  They had them in two piles, bad and SHOW TO JOEL.  

"I don't know Frank, your last invention exchange was a rip off of Joel's.  Why should I let you do it again?" Dr. Forrester said while shuffling movies around.

"I promise this time it won't be a rip off.  See, I even have the plans written down in this notebook!" Frank said holding up a notebook that had the name Joel Robinson on it which was crossed out and the name TV's Frank written in marker.  

"Well, I guess I'll let you do next week's exchange.  At least you have original ideas, unlike Larry who just piggybacked off of mine"

"Thanks a lot sir.  I won't let you down."

Meanwhile, that shadowy figure was digging through boxes until he found what he needed.  It was a SOL maintenance manual.  He quickly put it under his jacket and ran out of Deep 13 as Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank approached the main room.

"He'll pay for what he did!" the figure said as he was running out of the room.  "I'll make sure he'll never forget me!"

Dr. Forrester and Frank walked toward the movie projector.  Dr. F put down a box while Frank put down four.

"Good job Frank, today was a good day.  Next week we show them Earth vs. The Spider and  that one will make them crack!"

"I hope it is Clay.  I hope it is."

"Huh, the only person that calls me Clay like that was Larry."

"Do you miss him?"

"Of course I do!  He was my sidekick, another mad scientist to bounce ideas off of.  Plus, his inventions were always good when I had to go to the Mad Scientist convention."

"You mean before they gave you a lifetime ban?"

"Yes Frank.  Before the lifetime ban." Dr. Forrester said exasperated.


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