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Melynda Bell The Reindeer by NitroactiveStudios Melynda Bell The Reindeer by NitroactiveStudios
Name: Melynda Bell
Species: Reindeer
Gender: Female
Born: 3207
Age: 30
Hobbies: Hanging out with her boyfriend, hanging out with her friends, going to new places, etc.
Friends: Milford Brown, Daniel Brown, Gerry Brown, Zachary Wolfe, Bud Wolfe, etc.
Enemies: Eggman, Ixis Naugus, Snively, etc.
Likes: Kindness from others, helping out others, doing her job
Dislikes: People committing crime in her neighborhood
Biography: Melynda was born somewhere in a town some distance from Yakton, which is somewhere in part of what used to be Canada. She eventually moved to Yakton to work as a secretary at the local police station. There she met Milford, and they became friends quite fast. They eventually fell in love, and they would go out on dates. She even had a boyfriend back in her old town, but they broke up due to him being an alcoholic. She doesn't really hate alcohol, but she understands why others like Milford doesn't like it. Even Milford's son Daniel got along with her very well. One day, she had to cancel a date with Milford due to finding out she couldn't have children, which left her heartbroken. She also didn't think Milford would love her anymore because of that. The day after that, Milford found out, but she told her that he would always love her no matter what. Eventually, Milford would propose to Melynda, as they would get married in the future.
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September 23, 2018
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