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Girrgzll Erroyol The Muln by NitroactiveStudios Girrgzll Erroyol The Muln by NitroactiveStudios
Name: Girrgzll Erroyol
Species: Muln
Gender: Male
Alliance: Heroic Deviant (Anti-Hero)
Approximate Mobius Year Born: 3201
Approximate Mobius Age: 36
Abilities: Laser attack powers, breathing underwater, body part regeneration, hypnosis, platinum glare, leaning new languages quickly with a device
Hobbies: Hanging out at restaurants, hanging out with friends, collecting merchandise of mulnnan
Friends: Byllrr Zytallar, Aallarr Zytallar, Dellco Nittar, etc.
Enemies: Eggman, Ixis Naugus, Snively, Saringoss, etc.
Likes: People appreciating him, being friendly, relaxing
Dislikes: Being pushed around, being bullied, xenophobic people
Biography: Girrgzll was born on planet Ilogg. He was born chubby, as some mulns would be born that way. Despite that, he couldn't get any fatter. He's a humble muln who is considered friendly by others of his home world. He works as a manager of a restaurant part of a restaurant chain on his planet. He of course eats a lot, but he isn't too lazy. He is hygienic and would often keep his house clean. He also loves to collect merchandise of his favorite mulnnan media, as he also like to talk about it to his friends. One day, he became the best friend of Byllrr Zytallar, and they both hang out with each other a lot. During the attack of Saringoss, he wasn't infected, but he was imprisoned along with many others. He was freed when a mysterious hero removed the evil influence of that evil being. He eventually came to Mobius along with Byllrr, where he met some more people. There was a time where he and Byllrr were harassed by two Mobians at Chuck's Chili Dogs in New Mobotropolis. The two mulns platinum glared at them, turning them into platinum statures. They did however change them back, as it was done to teach them a hard lesson about bullying. Sometime however, he was taken by the BIB (Beige Investigation Bureau), where he was taken to a facility where he would be dissected. Kasa-Obake Faitāzu, Edwin Moore, Helena Simmons, and more friends were summoned by Byllrr to save Girrgzll. Byllrr had to stay behind, as he would risk being captured as well for being a muln. The group was successful in saving Girrgzll, and they all gained respect from Girrgzll. He even met Dellco Nittar, who is a Tencio from a different planet. He wasn't much of a fighter, but would become more motivated in the future.

Girrgzll Erroyol The Muln is owned by :iconnitroactivestudios:

© Nitroactive Studios
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