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Dellco Nittar The Tencio
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Published: July 21, 2018
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Name: Dellco Nittar
Species: Tencio
Gender: Male
Alliance: Good
Approximate Mobius Year Born: 3219
Approximate Mobius Age: 18
Abilities: Electric like powers, force-field generation, travel by electric warp speed, cloning himself, agility 
Hobbies: Exploring new worlds, hanging out with friends, building stuff
Friends: Werdul Idill, Fedexill Menns, Aallarr Zytallar, Byllrr Zytallar, Girrgzll Erroyol, Zachary Wolfe, Hershey St. John, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sally Acorn, etc.
Enemies: Eggman, Ixis Naugus, Snively, Saringoss, etc.
Likes: Peace between planets in the galaxy, showing other intelligent creatures his home planet and other places across the galaxy
Dislikes: Getting pushed around, people pushing Fedexill around
Biography: Dellco was born to two loving parents on the planet Donuls. He was happy with his life, but during a holiday on a different planet, the Xorda attacked as there had to be an evacuation. His parents sent him away on a small ship that only had room for one more person, and Dellco became a orphan. Back on his homeworld, the elder Tencio Werdul Idill, a wise scholar, took him in. As he was raised, he one day explored the planet Sildon, which is a planet in the same solar system as his planet. He met another orphan named Fedexill Menns. He was a Girdin, which are an intelligent species who live on Sildon. They are not as intelligent as the Tencios, but they were pretty technological. Dellco took Fedexill in to live with him and Werdul. One day, some Tencios along with Dellco and Werdul went to Mobius to take back the surviving Girdins to Sildon, after 90% of the Girdin population in a small underground Mobius town entirely made of Girdins, were wiped out. There, Dellco and Fedexill left the ship to explore Mobius, as they and Werdul would keep in touch. The two were also given a portable house not too far off from New Mobotropolis. Dellco eventually met Sonic and his friends, and so did Fedexill. He also met Zachary Wolfe and Hershey the Cat at a grocery store in town, and they both first found Fedexill as he was wandering around on his own as he was getting some groceries for something he wanted to make. Dellco also met the Kasa-Obake Faitāzu, Edwin Moore, Helena Simmons, and more devious heroic friends, and he was happy to meet more friends. He even met more alien friends such as Byllrr and Girrgzll.

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