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Nitrate Blood Brushes

A set made from real blood soaked tissues.

I'm sure with a little color work you can get them looking fairly realistic...

If you use these be sure to give me credit. It would also be nice to get a note so I can see what you created with them. :)

Maybe while you're waiting for them to download you could leave me a comment. I'd really appreciate it.

(all the brushes were used in the preview image. full view to see them in detail.)
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Love what you did with the brushes! Great job. ❤️
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These are great.
I used them here:
Credited of course, thank you.
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Lovely job, again. :)
what about for commercial use?
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i'll definitely send you a link to my work..once i finish it..
The Blood! The Blood!
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Awesome work, I will definatly be using these in one of my zombie pics, will let u know when its posted and send u a link showing where i used it
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I love how you transformed the organic to the digital... wonderful!
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thank you, honey! your opinion means the most.
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hey I really like these can i use them?
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I used your brushes here [link]
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Great brushes, I love the texture on them! I used them here: [link] and they worked perfectly for what I needed. Thank you for posting these, I hope you like my art!! =D
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I used these here [link] Thanks!
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your welcome. :) the piece looks fantastic. i love it!
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brilliant brushes! ...hang on...REAL BLOOD SOAKED tissues?! eep...they're really cool!
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thank you! and yes, real blood. thinking that's why these things are so popular. ;)
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eep! but they are pretty amazing. i tried them out, and it looked really cool! (it doesn't usually work when i get hold of it) ^-^;
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i'm glad they worked. :) thank you.
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thank YOU for making them ^^
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Lovely work. I save it now, and might use it later for a project for my university. I badly need ink splatters.:) SO it won't be blood but ink.
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awesome...thanks ^.^
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