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Feeeeeed meeeee
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The rush of nurses and the on-duty doctor flooded into the room, and one nurse was particularly forceful as she pushed William away from the bed.
"You have to wait outside," she said as she turned her back to him.
"I'm not leaving," was his response, and when the woman had turned back to insist, she'd nearly cowered from the look in his eyes, and she'd said nothing more as she turned back to do her job.
A nurse on either side of the bed. One took pulse and blood pressure, while the other checked the monitors and IVs. The doctor and another nurse looked over some charts, and the doctor finally stepped up to the side of the bed. In all of the hustle, the nurses had taken out the tube that had been down her throat, and as the doctor leaned close, she rasped a word past the dryness. The doctor paused, and quietly asked her to repeat herself.
~ ~ ~
"" her throat was so dry, but her eyes were fixed on the doctor, to make sure that he understood. She moved her eyes to find Will, b
:iconnitemuse:NiteMuse 1 6
Holland Road by NiteMuse Holland Road :iconnitemuse:NiteMuse 3 2
The Gravel Path
I walked down a gravel path, and found a bridge lit by moonlight.
Dark water flowed far below, black amidst the grey of the trees.
The river spoke to me, as I sat on that bridge.
Spoke and sang, it whispered to my soul.
The river knew my secrets, the deep and the dark.
Clouds swept in from the west, hiding the gentle moon.
Condemnation followed, from the river far below.
Pulling from the dark and deep, the secrets so hidden.
No comfort from the water beneath the cold uncaring bridge.
Sin demands payment.
Debt paid by life.
Doubts, regrets, bitterness... all piling up on my shoulders.
The weight pulling towards the edge and the fall.
The wind blew gently against my face, rustling grey leaves on the edge of black waters.
Memories, thoughts, laments - weights on the soul.
The wind blew stronger, shaking shadowed branches, high above the river.
Reminding the soul of the heights.
A beam of moonlight pierced the clouds.
The wind finished the task, clearing the sky.
Silver light of the moon b
:iconnitemuse:NiteMuse 2 5
Red Line Help - Calini and a Malet yearling by NiteMuse Red Line Help - Calini and a Malet yearling :iconnitemuse:NiteMuse 0 1 TRS Cohkka by NiteMuse TRS Cohkka :iconnitemuse:NiteMuse 4 2 Being Nosey! by NiteMuse Being Nosey! :iconnitemuse:NiteMuse 2 2 Wine Conversations by NiteMuse Wine Conversations :iconnitemuse:NiteMuse 0 0 TRS Kellot by NiteMuse TRS Kellot :iconnitemuse:NiteMuse 5 4 TRS Kimimela by NiteMuse TRS Kimimela :iconnitemuse:NiteMuse 5 5 Red Line Help? by NiteMuse Red Line Help? :iconnitemuse:NiteMuse 0 0 Life Can Kiss My... by NiteMuse Life Can Kiss My... :iconnitemuse:NiteMuse 4 12 TRS Buttermilk Whiskey Pie by NiteMuse TRS Buttermilk Whiskey Pie :iconnitemuse:NiteMuse 2 2 TRS White Russian Vodka by NiteMuse TRS White Russian Vodka :iconnitemuse:NiteMuse 6 2 TRS Black Cherry Barbera by NiteMuse TRS Black Cherry Barbera :iconnitemuse:NiteMuse 2 6 TRS Naira by NiteMuse TRS Naira :iconnitemuse:NiteMuse 3 1 Rush by NiteMuse Rush :iconnitemuse:NiteMuse 3 2


The Arrow and the Song
"I shot an arrow into the air,

It fell to earth, I knew not where;

    For, so swiftly it flew, the sight

    Could not follow it in its flight.

I breathed a song into the air,
Shinjuku Eisa Festival 2013 by DonChuleo
Happy Half-Naked by sandas04
Hakuna Matata, Kenya ll by serhatdemiroglu

:icon1pen:1pen 28 15
The Locomotive by 1pen The Locomotive :icon1pen:1pen 23 37
The Longest Run
Silently through Moon's soft light
Prowling through the lonely night
Moving swiftly through the snow
For I have many miles to go.
It is not sustenance I seek
My belly full, my fur is sleek
No prey tonight will feel these claws
Nor crunch between my cruel jaws
I move through places new to me
Uncaring who or what may see
Though silent as the dark am I
And in their quiet beds they lie
Why must I run this lonely race?
What forces on at such grim pace?
The ancient call has gripped my soul
To find the mate that makes me whole
Am I the last one of my kind?
I put the cold thought from my mind.
Moving swiftly through the snow
For I have many miles to go.
:iconprowl71:Prowl71 14 22
2013-42 Olga by W0LLE 2013-42 Olga :iconw0lle:W0LLE 293 15 Horse Muscles Reference by EponaN64 Horse Muscles Reference :iconeponan64:EponaN64 3,753 247
"Give me your suggestions, your deviations, Your amazing images yearning to breathe free, The moving journalism of your teeming shore. Send these, the profound, great works to me, I lift my lamp beside the DD door!"
--Plaque mounted inside the Statue of DD-berty

Today saw the first DD I've ever selected as a CV.  

I can't even begin to tell you how, after being an avid suggester for years and thinking wouldn't it be great to feature DDs, utterly terrifying the process actually was. There was lots of hand-holding and head-patting (thank you, Astralseed) before I finally hit the submit button.
Featuring DDs is not the only thing I've been asked to do here, but it certainly is the most visible and following in the footsteps of deviants like Timothy-Sim and xbastex (who I remember best since they were the CVs when I was only just getting my feet wet in photography) and working in the company of a really exceptional team for an
:icon1pen:1pen 5 14
Hallam Uni by fbakos Hallam Uni :iconfbakos:fbakos 2 0 Mary Sue TEST - 15 questions by Aqua999 Mary Sue TEST - 15 questions :iconaqua999:Aqua999 1,743 1,785 + Mary Sue Bingo + by Glittercandy + Mary Sue Bingo + :iconglittercandy:Glittercandy 1,227 379 Horses touching noses by elusiveelegance Horses touching noses :iconelusiveelegance:elusiveelegance 7 0 2 by BellaNotte-Stock 2 :iconbellanotte-stock:BellaNotte-Stock 332 107
Know what's great?
Sitting in the drive thru line at the sandwich shoppe down the street with your windows open when Harry Belafonte's song "Jump in the Line" comes on in your car...and one by one the cars lined up behind you (who also have their car windows open) start singing along.  
Ah...springtime in Utah = totally random happy happenstances involving open windows.
:icon1pen:1pen 1 4
Sonrise September Stock 1 by Nyaorestock Sonrise September Stock 1 :iconnyaorestock:Nyaorestock 2 1 RNG Tutorial by Greatalmightyqueen RNG Tutorial :icongreatalmightyqueen:Greatalmightyqueen 302 120 Hank Rolling by rachellafranchistock Hank Rolling :iconrachellafranchistock:rachellafranchistock 119 29 Crushed Blue Glass by ImageAbstraction Crushed Blue Glass :iconimageabstraction:ImageAbstraction 126 18


Sorry i burned your house by pococoy Sorry i burned your house :iconpococoy:pococoy 855 231 Jolly by BeBz Jolly :iconbebz:BeBz 4,032 441 Seasonscape by alexiuss Seasonscape :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 76,062 8,459 Frost Two by Undercover-Superhero Frost Two :iconundercover-superhero:Undercover-Superhero 5 21 The Death has green eyes... by unucatine The Death has green eyes... :iconunucatine:unucatine 9 2 ART CALENDAR by jocarra ART CALENDAR :iconjocarra:jocarra 378 144 Wolf Mates by jocarra Wolf Mates :iconjocarra:jocarra 13,179 3,670 Upside-down River Otter by ottermama Upside-down River Otter :iconottermama:ottermama 0 0



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I am Me.

Do not judge unless you have taken the time to learn a person... starting with yourself.


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