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What style of my art do you think is my signature? (not asking what you like most, but my signature) 

56 deviants said Archi-abstract (eg, Recticore, Empower)
24 deviants said Energy Abstract (eg, Everlasting, Replenish)
16 deviants said Machine Abstract (eg, Potential, Awakened)
11 deviants said Organic Abstract (eg, Ultrabirth, Spark of Life)
10 deviants said Crystal Abstract (eg, Crystallize, Reverence)
10 deviants said Feminine Abstract (eg, Fragrance, Aphrodisiac)

Devious Comments

wintergal Featured By Owner May 8, 2005
That's one question that I have trouble choosing the answer from. Lol. All your pieces are great... Hm.. Probably either Organic or Feminine style..
sahroe Featured By Owner May 6, 2005   Photographer
It's not my favourite category of your art, but for some reason, when I think of your abstracts, I always think of the feminine ones. Maybe it's because I've never seen someone theme their modern digital abstract stuff like that before. =)
Irish-Rebel Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2005
I chose Archi-, because I when I think of your work, Imperial is the first to come to mind, and I felt that Imperial would best fir there. Also, Recticore is amazing, too.
Darius-II Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2005
so hard to choose...:)
arc-NiXon Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2005
In my opinion its your passion for your work, your ability to portray what your mind invents. You have a deffinate and distinctive style within your digital works, with such tallent i would like to see what you can do out-side of computers, you may find that your talent is less restricted and may have a keener sense of freedom working with paint and canvas, spray paint and brick wall, clay, wood or steel sculpture. A break from the norm is maybe what you actually seek without realising. I could be totally wrong and you do experiment with a lot of different mediums, its just that i hav'nt seen them.
Either way i honestly admire your dedication. Dont ever give up.
niteangel Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2005
Oh my god thanks so much for such compliments! Even when I was doing my art I never thought about that, seriously. I am glad that people like you can see my works in that way, understanding them and re-interpreting the meanings inside.

Thanks so much! I gonna work harder!
breakerr Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
__A complex rare mix between all the options of the poll.
Hyperphuzion Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2005
Hands down.
It's fairly original, and anytime you pump out one it's obvious without seeing who did it, or even a name, that it was done by you. Just something about the way you do them.
SavantEdge Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2005
Couldn't you have made links to all the pieces?
*spends a couple hours scouring pages since he has no search function*

Obviously, my answer to this will have to wait until I have an entire school day of boring classes, I don't think one class is gonna cut it. :P
VoodooBiatch Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2005
huette Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2005
I voted for Archi-Abstract. :D
Like snowmask, I do love your Crystal Abstract pieces too. Agreed on what she commented earlier on, it's just not very hmm... you? Not your signature style maybe... but still, a-m-a-z-i-n-g. That's from a female's point of view.
The recurring Archi-Abstract theme lingers in all your pieces. I supposed that it's a primary idea you work around and build on... If anything, I always see passion in your artworks and that's really a nice thing. :)
Archi-Abstract = niteangel *thumbs up* lol
Logos4 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2005   Digital Artist
Archi-Abstract most definitely....imperial and recticore were astonishing without a doubt. Your architecture renders are so nice and realistic that no one else that i have seen really compares..
UnhingedMouse0 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2005
I voted for "Energy Abstract (eg, Everlasting, Replenish)"
I really dont know if this is your signature kind of art, but it seems to stand out the most to me so figured that was my best choice.

As far as "Organic Abstract (eg, Ultrabirth, Spark of Life)" goes...
I thought Spark of Life was more of an energy kind of concept than it was organic. But that is just how I interpreted it. It is one of my favorite works by you and I would like to see more. =D
LeeG- Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2005
I would say energy abstract because even though you have alot of archi-abstract there is always a presence of that energy in them
SweetFairy32684 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2005
I would have to say energy abstract
c4l3b Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2005
Archi-Abstract for sure! When I saw Empower, Imperial and Recticore, I was like woooow!!! Beautiful. It's just you!
darkMyke Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Imperial abstract, definitely...Imperial is one of the most inspiring works I have seen yet. So, to put it into your categories, a mix out of machine and Archi - abstract is your most impressing style which could be considered as your signature.
Akula- Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2005   Digital Artist
Architecture abstract. That's one of the first I saw were things liek empower etc. The first one i saw was recticore btw.

These are your signature mark.
fantazsikart Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2005
I don't really "know" your work well enough to give you a signature style. I do know that you have some of the most beautiful pieces of art on this site. Can't wait to see more, that's for sure!!
Nohbudy Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2005
Machine Abstract is prevleant in every item you post. The others may be the lead theme, but this is almost always a secondary theme.
affekt Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2005
Archi-abstract, purely because of Recticore, because it just stuck in everyone's mind, and opened their eyes to a new direction of abstract. A classic image, and definitely your signature.
likuid Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2005   Interface Designer
Yea, Archi.
crump3t Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
archi.. reticore was burnt into my mind the first time I saw it ;[
snowmask Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2005  Professional Traditional Artist
archi :]

I like that your designs differ from the norm. I've never seen anything quite like the stuff you make when it comes to that. TBH, your crystal abstract isn't bad; far from it. The composition, colours, typography... the forms, they're all top-notch; but at the same time, I can't exactly look at one of your crystal works and instantly think, "Ya! Vincent did that". Yanno? :] doesn't mean you're bad at all though <3 You're the best cg abstract artist I know. Always thinking outside the box :heart:
Narfmaster Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2005  Professional Interface Designer
It's recticore that's my favourite of your work, so i suppose my choice is archi-abstract. It's top of my list of prints that I'm getting. :)
Dest1ny-04 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2005
You tend to like + create crystal-based abs, so i guess that is your fave and thus your siggy :)
wh1sp Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2005   Digital Artist
I'd say energy abstract. Reactant is a good example of those pieces I think. They're not the most original pieces but they're one of the best of their kind if you know what I mean, and that is what makes them stand out more. There's always something different about your art and that is what I think makes you good at this :).
khagol Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2005
my favorite style of you just a joke ;)
I think energy stands for you, the energy abstracts are the ones you have real orginality (sorry 4 my bad englisch :|)

skizo Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2005   Digital Artist
I'd say machine abstract. Imperial first, and Awakened after, left a mark on my mind. I don't know wether it is your signature, but for sure are the ones that left me impressed the most.

my 5 cents ;)
skizo Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2005   Digital Artist
by the way, just for the sake of completness: I liked your other works aswell as much as the machinery ones. Some of your pieces were really more abstract and talkative rather then the two I picked up. Still, those two are my favourites.

don't know what else to say =)
niteangel Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2005
What do you think? What do you think I can try too?
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