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What's up? It's been years!

Tue Sep 24, 2013, 7:20 AM

Wow, so what's up? :) Let me know what you have been up to!

Angelworld v9 . Night of Efflorescence

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Angelworld v9 . Moonlit version

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I am not dead. I am just waiting for the moment to come back.

How are you everyone! Life is very busy as usual, but people saying being busy is a bless. Anyway, my graphic design is slowed down by my full-time job, but now it is back on track with my new website Angelworld v9 being slowly set up. I hope to release a beta this Christmas, and you will be overwhelmed by another round of graphic showcase!

For those who are interested in the new Heaven, click here to have a look and join the mailing list to be the first to go nocturnal!

There is only one angelic place on the net.

Angelworld v9 . Night of Efflorescence

However, the Moonlight part of my new AWv9 is already working and online, and it can run nicely on your iPad too. Have a look now!…

Meanwhile, I have updated all the store items here, and please enjoy your visit, and pick your favourites to your shopping cart!

Have fun!

After the two editions were released, namely the Spring Edition and Winter Edition, two more editions are coming to complete the year. You are right, they are the Summer and Autumn Editions.

Just like the previous two art projects, these two editions will also be a collection of artists' emotions towards the seasons. All the art will be in all kinds of different formats, including poetry and application skins.  Each edition will be divided into two parts for two groups of members, core members and normal members. Everyone with a valid Email address can join as a normal member, while core members will be those the admins invite.

Deadline for Summer Edition will be 15 October 2003, while Autumn Edition will not accept any more submissions on 15 November 2003.

Websites of the two Editions will be launched shortly, and at that time online submissions will be possible. Please check this page frequently for the updates and changes. List of core members will be announced shortly.

For full details please visit here.

Previously two Editions:
:bulletblue: Winter Edition
:bulletblue: Spring Edition
You don't need to leave this planet and see the angels. They are all around. The question is, can you capture them?

Now it is time. nighty and niteangel organize a photography competition, called the Angelic World. It can be angelic things in life, it can be angelic moments, or it can be angels.

All you need to do is pick up your camera, and seize these things and submit it. Prizes? A print from nighty's or niteangel's gallery of your choice! For more details, please visit now! Deadline will be 15th September, so act quick!

What are you waiting for? Shoot the angels!
Spring Edition is a group project containing artworks of many different great artists like computerologist, ekud, alphakx, rougeux, pixiegal and more! They will express their feelings about spring this season through different media like wallpapers, graphics, photographs and writings.

Because of El Nino many parts of the world have strange phenomenons, like still snowing in March. However, the artists will now show you what spring is like, and so check the beautiful gallery now and feel the scent! Hope you enjoy this season of art…

One of the things an abstract artist has to remember is to be innovative, or else people will think you are just throwing in some random shapes. flow with the energyby perihelio does have some strange 3D forms, but it has more. The composition is very nice because it has dimensions and depth. The elements are very new, with circles and straight lines, everything are blended very well. It is dynamic and dimensional, with NO usual perspective and explosion. This perhaps acts as a good example abstract artists should follow.
The busy computer man spares some time with us to talk about his life and computer stuff at Angelworld.

Computerologist, who is one of the most known figures at deviantART, kindly spared a little time and chatted with Angelworld about his computer and computer art, and talked about abstract stuff and abstract hating trend. He also talked about why he fell in love with his camera recently, and what interested him most in this art field.

Winter Edition is a digital art project, featuring a lot of artworks from famous artists which expresses their feelings and attitudes towards this chilling season.

The artworks cover a wide range of variety, including:

:bulletblue: wallpapers
:bulletblue: skins
:bulletblue: poetry
:bulletblue: writing
:bulletblue: pixieart
:bulletblue: photography
:bulletblue: airbrushing
:bulletblue: landscape art
:bulletblue: abstracts
:bulletblue: And more...

Who is joining this? computerologist, hesitation, stotty, vega0ne, pixiegal and more are here! Check this pack now and feel the coolness!