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Infiltration by niteangel Infiltration by niteangel
I was doing a wallpaper called Replenish, but things just don't come out. I am now a bit frustrated, but I will carry on. That piece is going to be very cool and interesting, probably with something that you haven't seen before :P (Razz)

Anyway this is a 'side-product'. I rendered several images for Replenish but some are not useful. I use one of those to make this wallpaper, and it just pleased me somehow.

IMPORTANT that this piece is NOT to be very original or different, but only for those who need a soft desktop wallpaper :) (Smile) If you want something very different, wait for Replenish ;) (Wink)
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bipolarguy Featured By Owner May 18, 2005
i love the smooth quality of this pic, this is goin on my desktop when it gets its turn
garfield101 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
its soft looking and i like it. too much blueness though
snowmask Featured By Owner May 20, 2002  Professional Traditional Artist
you're a The God of Light Rendering... OMG
I love how the jaggedness are a part of and sort of create the smoothness itself.. and how everything flows...
it's like crystal and glass melted by light..
it's awfully breathtaking..... those reflections just make me keep seeing things... and I have to go back and look... time and time again... Heart
brilliantly done~ me downloads~!! Love
Snowflake SnOwMaSk Snowflake
. . . close enough for me . . .

yohko Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2002
Beautiful render! I love it, great overall
donniedubson Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2002
Wow.Its beutifull.Photoshop?If yes ,you shuold do some tutorials.Id love one anyway:-) (Smile)
pris-chan Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2002
great job again!
alphakx Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2002  Professional Interface Designer
Awesome render!
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imaginaryboy Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2002
Trivia bit : Did you knew that an ever-growing contingent of modern artists are questionning the pertinience of unconditionnal formal and conceptual innovation, prefering the quality of execution as a main criteria of evaluation ? :D (Big Grin)

Well sure you knew, you're one of'em!!! Roll Eyes

Abstract from hell :D (Big Grin) it's beautiful and smooth, the color is always so efficient...

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tdawg Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2002   Digital Artist
looks very smooth..and the movement is great
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abstraktion Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2002
WOW... :-O (Eek) ... I am... speechless... ALMOST! But I have a big mouth, so no chance of that happening anytime soon. lol. =) (Smile) But seriously... VERY, VERY NICE work. If your other piece is going to be better... then I CAN'T wait to see it! *adds to favs and put you on his deviant watch* =D (Big Grin)
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thecyclone Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2002
Great!!! ;) (Wink) I think it would be a perfect wp if you would add smething in the foreground... anyway it's excellent
ellemenno Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2002
I didn't notice any jagged lines, but that could be that I was so fascinated by your use of light. I love the smooth feel this has, and that light effect is amazing. Well done, even if it is only a by-product! :D (Big Grin)
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spin Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2002
everything just blends soooo well :) (Smile)
king-arthur-xvi Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2002
looks good from here!
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truazn637 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2002
another great piece of work! Great job =) (Smile)
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nada Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2002
great work, but there are a few jagged lines in it. [bad antialiasing?]
just like clockwork.
geckokid Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2002  Professional General Artist
i think that's original though.
harlequin02 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2002
Very cool:) (Smile)

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o-doyle Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2002
wow!!!! this reminds me of being at a car/motor show, and spinning around.... so shiney and new!!! ehhehehe keep this stuff up, very kool!
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