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Division by niteangel Division by niteangel
Please forgive me, I just like 3D abstract things. However, I wouldn't say that it's one of the common trendy things, it's not common to me, it's new to me. This time I experimented another way of modeling 3D objects and also did a lot of retouch in Photoshop. Also, I haven't used that color before, see if I use it badly. :) (Smile) Just want to give you a dark and pleasing wallpaper on your desktop!

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dreameduni Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003  Professional General Artist
oooooo lovely +fav
t-k Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2002
Love the colour. Very kool!

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imaginaryboy Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2002
It rocks :) (Smile) Really good at it you are young Jedi... I've recently started using PSmax and know now where the line is where you not only throw some weird stuff in the viewport but then CRAFT it , refine it and set the liitle things like maps and material... painstaking, but it,s clear you don't go the easy way... Congrats :D (Big Grin)
pixelfish Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2002  Professional Interface Designer
As sechs has pointed out, I don't see this as a finished piece but more as a starting place for something else. Still there are a lot of wonderful textures (created by the overlay of shapes and light) in here. A lot of negative space creating interesting compositional forms to work with. It would be interesting to see where this could go. :) (Smile)
back2mine Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2002
it's fantastic and goes into my favs straight away.
and nevermind if it's trendy or not. it still takes hours of hard work to create, and each piece is uniqe nevertheless.
foolish-one Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2002
Damn good work
lifeform Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2002
Great Design , Great Colour , Great wallpaper
shiny Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2002
Wonderful work. Nice play with light and shadow. A good example of an art style...which sadly is somehow getting common.
Tusk-and-Ink Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2002  Professional Digital Artist

Very nice work, this even has potential to build on to... :D (Big Grin)

Good work...
truazn637 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2002
WOW i love it...3d studio max? I really gotta get my hands on it can't seem to tho Crying mind if I throw some anime characters in the mix and make a wallpaper out of it? =D (Big Grin)
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billybollocks Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2002
Its a cool image. If your happy with it then thats all that matters. We create these things for ourselves before anyone else. In the end if the criticism isnt constructive then its not worth bothering about. Anybody who tells you different is a pretentious prick. You did good with this, play around with some colours for it and lets see some more from you. Well done mate:d
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cyan Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2002
you've done a good job on what you intended to creative....i like the combination of black and blue and the beautiful geometry in this wp...nice job!
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pris-chan Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2002
great work!!
cyber-crash Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2002
Not bad as a wallpaper but it's pretty hard to deny that there are hundreds of other images that look just like this one on devart.
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prelude Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2002
thats really cool i like it.
iprrly Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2002
almost like entering hypersace, as reality warps around you. it is a bueatiful peace and I think you are quite good.
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alphakx Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2002  Professional Interface Designer
Kick ASS!
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tdawg Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2002   Digital Artist
i like the lighting on the side and the color looks cool and give it a cold feeling...i like 3D abstract things job :D (Big Grin)
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battlewax Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2002
First off, I like this.

Secondly I know its a pain in the ass when people blindly dismiss somethiing as trendy, over used etc etc. Tell them to piss off, I do. If you enjoy doing something, then by all means do it. Don't let the narrow mindedness of others dissuade you from doing what you like.

Oh did I mention I really like this.
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thetourist Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2002
your work attracts me very much. a nice touch here and you're very talented. Thumbs Up
speeddesign Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2002
this is a great piece. I like the 3d.
megwen Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2002
thats beautiful.. i wish i knew how to make stuff this pretty =]
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