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Celestiality by niteangel Celestiality by niteangel
Celestiality :: the Unreached
Universe from Photoshop :: Better seen from thumbnail LOL

My FIRST try of drawing the galaxy, using only airbrushing for the whole image except the planets and +-shaped stars. Completely done in Photoshop only. PLEASE give me some suggestion how I can improve. I am just a BEGINNER so don't be harsh. Not intended to be REAL universe photos.
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Radu-B Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Can't be a galaxy. Planet perspectives are all wrong. What you have there is a planetary system in an incandescent nebula.

Galaxies contain billions of stars.
Katttty920 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2010
Wow. :wow:
I don't have any words to describe how beautiful this is!
I love all of the planets and stars.
They really make the picture pop!
Splane Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2007
hitsugayahinamori Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2007
beginner!!, ur good ass!
customiz3r Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2006
the blue looks like africa a bit lol. Good work
pm607 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2006   Photographer
very pretty=]
Chickster Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2004
I was serching through your gallery, and Id have to say your filled with wonderous talent and it shines through all your works here! every peice its own with your unique style and flare!

But this is the one id have to say I like the most! itsold, and as you said your a beginner but truly its wonderful to me! perhaps Im just intrigued in the fact that I myself could create nothing like it, or in reality I just like all the pretty colours! LOL :D

either way im going to fav the image!
keep up the amazing work here
*hands over double choc chip cookies*

c0rtex Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2003
awww soo bootiful
slrfirestorm Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2003
this is so incredibly beautiful! Great job!!!
itscheryl Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2003
beautiful !
kuraitenshi Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2002  Professional Filmographer
That is gorgous(sp?)....
bloodpixel Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2002
amazing effects man...
snowpunch Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2002
I love lighting effects like this...+fav, niceness.
-z1n- Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2002   Interface Designer
katerina Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2002
an these are somehow my beloved....i am amazed of its beauty....the colours are so driving me crazy...i could have mind trips only staring at it....
thanks for giving me the chance to view smth like that. bravo.
cooper Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2002
That is simply awesome! :O (Eek) Quite amazingly put together +fav
rougeux Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yet another phenomenal image. It's really great for your first try. Far better than I could ever do! Reminds me of the art of Greg Martin. Wish I could make things like this. Can't wait to see more by you in this style.
publius Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2002
Thats supurb
firekitty Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really pretty! I think the balance of the yellows and blues is what makes this picture what it i. I can't imagine it the same way in two other colors...
sickdamien Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2002
Exelent work.... really worh looking at :) (Smile)
caustic Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2002
I love how the planet is just hidden behind those beautiful colors! Great work, I absolutely love it.
defective Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice work. You are a very good airbrusher, I love the colors you chose here.

However maybe the Saturn planet should have a sharper more solid feel to it. Anyway still good work. =) (Smile)
pnofxw Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2002
Very cool, I love the contrast between the oranges and blues. I don't think this needs work at all.
lobsterclaws Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2002
You don't need to improve this is amazing! I love the detail, all the little stars and planets, the color combination, you're truely a gifted space artist!
angel007 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
How PITTY!!!Aww . this is gunna go to my favs +fav:
computerologist Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2002  Hobbyist
ah this is beautiful....i really love the color usage :) (Smile)
trodden Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2002  Professional Interface Designer
wow...really looks great! outstanding work Nod
pawn Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2002  Professional Interface Designer
nice nite =) (Smile)
aikon Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2002
cosmically cool!
Zlatty Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2002  Professional Photographer
Very cosmic ... great job!
webdiod Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2002   Digital Artist
Nice job!!! Thumbs Up
ass-itch Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2002  Professional Interface Designer
awesome colors. gj!
cissma Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2002
wow this is amazing !! great work !!
*add's to deviantwatch*
KittiesGoShoot Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2002
I wish I could help with suggestions, but this looks fine the way it is. Love the overall look of this piece and the colours are just gorgeous. Looks very magical as well :) (Smile)
shyva Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2002  Student
How pretty!!! Love it love it love it!!! Aww Hug *stares at picture dreamily* (Gee those planets have to be really BIG to be seen in a nebula like that! =P (Razz) Oh phooey I'm kidding, I know it's not supposed to be real! Aww )
Tsumik Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2002
I love the colors it reminds me so much of an oil painting i'm doing. As for help with the galaxy type images. [link]
He does amazing spacescapes and if i remember right it's all done in photoshop. I can't remember if there is any sort of tutorials but it might provide some inspiration.
fixion- Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2002
hat's awesome for a first try !! i sure can't do this ;) (Wink) love it :D (Big Grin)
phillyplaya Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2002
I would say somethin about there bein to much color...but I like it. This is great work, it is only your first one too. I can expect the next one to be even better then this one
thecyclone Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2002
oooh man this is so amazing... love the colors...

serpent Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2002
F*cking sweet colors!
jarnoid Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2002
it's smooth, love the colors
deadspirit6 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2002  Professional General Artist
Heart it all the way... +fav for me!
truazn637 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2002
haha yea right night ure not a beginner ;) (Wink) this is great i love the colors and how it flows.......great job
calvinization Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2002
very good work~! can't believe that you just use the photoshop to do it. Excellent!
and nice colour~!
kase9 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2002
pretty nice
serendipity2 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
This is really good, especially for your first time. Keep up the great work because knowing your talent on your other abstract works you could really make some cool space stuff. I think dirtbag brings up some really good points. Make the nebula more particulate. You might even consider at least modeling the planet in 3dsmax and then doing your airbrush work in photoshop. This looks great though, especially considering it's all photoshop. Great job. :) (Smile)
aciphex Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2002
Damn nice bro keep it up.
siron Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2002
nice PS work! i love it!
usagi-sama Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2002   Writer
tdawg Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2002   Digital Artist
i think the lighting looks fine...the spotlight look makes the airbrushing look like energy trials and gives the planet and stars a mystical look that is good in a galactic picture ;) (Wink)
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