Winter Blues. Closed.

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Welcome to our next big contest


We hold 4 larger contests a year


I really love this time of year, cool weather, and winter setting in. I even like the snow to some extent.

So while the snow is not here yet and we are not tired of it, lets play in the snow on this one!

How it Works by nitchwarmer

We are going to be creating a winter scene turning your submission

Blue. Get it? blue in color.

You may use any resources from any legal site, as well as DeviantARt

We will supply you with three stock providers to use for your animal stock. We are requiring that you use at least one animal for your entry.

No Humans

Rules by nitchwarmer

You must be a member to play with us.

You can only enter twice , they both need to be in the same level.

Your art must be posted after the start date of the contest.

Include in your artists comments the groups icon and the name of the contest

 You can make an icon like this...


Simply remove the asterisk  *

Don't forget to add the level you are competing in

If you have questions about anything just ask!!!

Stock by nitchwarmer

you must use one or more animal stock from these three stock artists.


:iconmalleni-stock: - :iconmomotte2stocks: - :iconlakela:

Winter Blues by nitchwarmer

Again ^ blue is the color scheme. Look above.

We will have 3 winners this time around

... if we have enough participation.

First place in all three categories 300points

1 exclusive stock from :iconwesley-souza:
1 exclusive stock from :iconevelivesey:
premium stock from :iconpiaglud:
premade background fronm :iconannewipf:
exclusive stock and llamas from :iconmonochromaticart:

 Second place in all three categories 200 points

1 exclusive stock from :iconravienneart:
1 exclusive stock from :iconcelticstrm-stock:
1 exclusive stock from :iconlubov2001:
Premium stock :iconmarphilhearts:
stock and llamas from :iconmshellee:

Third place in all three categories 100 points

1 exclusive stock pack from :iconkuschelirmel-stock:
1 exclusive stock and a llama from :iconmsfowle:
1 premade background from :iconhermitcrabstock:
Stock Pack from :iconsupersnappz16:
stock photo from  :iconmoachuuuttt:

 25 points each in the case of 9 winners from :iconthestockwarehouse: 

and another 50 points for all first place winners from :iconloloagain:

contest feature for all winners from :iconcapndeek373:, :iconannewipf: and :iconmshelle:

 Stock pacs for all winners and a feature from :iconsupersnappz16:

Points offered by various deviants


© 2016 - 2022 nitchwarmer
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MarMorena's avatar
Aqui mi aporte
Me avisan si algo no está bien…
MarMorena's avatar
Bueno soy nueva y quiero participar no se que nivel sería yo por el resto mis preguntas están contestadas acá abajo!!
nitchwarmer's avatar
Do You Speak English?

¿Cuál es mi nivel?

Sé que sus veces confusas. Cada grupo tiene sus propias reglas y todos pertenecen a varios grupos del concurso.

Sé que a veces mi arte varía en calidad. Tal vez me distraje, o tal vez sólo corrí, pero la calidad es siempre diferente. Este grupo le permitirá cambiar los niveles en función de sus propios talentos.

Ahora bien, no creo que se pueda hacer un trabajo patear el culo y entrar en el nivel 1, eso es sólo el engaño y le dirigirá hasta el nivel adecuado. :| (Blank Stare)

Los niveles son los mismos aquí como la mayoría de los grupos ...

Nivel 1 novatos: el que acaba de empezar y todavía tiene problemas con cosas como la profundidad de campo e incluso sombras. Usted ve a sí mismo como tener mucho camino por recorrer antes de convertirse a gusto con lo que está haciendo.

Nivel 2 intermedia: se siente más cómodo con sus programas, pero todavía están aprendiendo las cuerdas. las cosas están llegando más fácil y no son hasta el punto donde usted se considera un profesional.

Nivel 3 avanzó: Usted es más seguro de sus habilidades y las cosas vienen fácil para usted. No ha dominado todo pero confiamos y lo qué no tomar el tiempo que lo hacían antes.

Ahora bien, si usted tiene preguntas es el momento. Voy a ayudar tanto como pueda. LOL

Espero que esto ayude un poco con las opciones confusas que tienen que hacer para sus entradas.
MarMorena's avatar
Gracias ...y entendido!
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
This will be beautiful... can't wait to see the entries. :heart: I just finished up my own "Blue Winter" but sadly it doesn't used the required stocks. I can't wait to see what comes from this... love it!!! :heart:
nitchwarmer's avatar
I agree we are going to have lots of entries and some awesome art.
StarfireArizona's avatar
What are the rules for names or titles on the images?
nitchwarmer's avatar
That is up to you. You can name it what ever you want.
StarfireArizona's avatar
Ok great thank you :)  Submitted a piece to another group recently and it almost wasn't accepted because I put the title in one corner with my name as I always do.  Figured I'd best ask :)
niyya00's avatar
Just wanted to ask that we can create any artwork and include blue objects/colors in our artwork? With that being said, atleast one animal should be included from the provided candidates for stock images. Am I right? :D 

Plus, what is the end date of the contest? and

Where do we have to submit the artwork?

Is it necessary to create artwork specifically for this contest?
nitchwarmer's avatar
Yes and you are right so far,
Dec 31st.
To the contest folder
 I hope this helps
 There are a few more rules you can read about the contest in the blog....
scratzilla's avatar
SUPER>> MONOCHROME BLUE..    love the idea. i would like to be a member so i can have a try at this please.  I got a message saying i could come and play.   send me links etc to inform me of dates and what i have to do to participate ..  and thanks for letting me have a try at this comp. 

I have a clear (hopefully) understanding of the requirements. there are three stockists of who's animal stock have to be included in the creation  Mallenie , Momotte2 and Lakela(Ria) .. the creation limit is no humans and the works is to be monochrome blue.   what one does with the animal image is up to the artist. 

This old lady found :  how to request to become member and found the count down for comp.  YAH for grey power . heheee
Lora-Vysotskaya's avatar
I want to clarify: all the colors must be blue? Or we can add a little other other colors? I think fully blue is too flatly;)
nitchwarmer's avatar
You can add more colors but more than 50 percent must be blue/ Good morning.
Lora-Vysotskaya's avatar
Sure. Good evening;)
StarfireArizona's avatar
nitchwarmer's avatar
StarfireArizona's avatar
I am hoping to introduce another color for an idea I have
ENEMYxx's avatar
I want to join your contest and it says we need to be a member. Do you have a link to the group for me to do so? ❤️
ENEMYxx's avatar
Wonderful!! Thank you!
nitchwarmer's avatar
Welcome, if you have any question just ask.
Lora-Vysotskaya's avatar
Click "Join the group" on the main page;)
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