Steal My Art Please

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Contest Starts August 23
and ends September 20

Points 50 per winner


Features :iconmandies-stock:

Stock packs :iconmandies-stock: :iconrockstocks: :iconcazcastalla:

Below are six manipulations, the object is to pick one and redo it.
Please keep the main images but you may use additional stock if you like.
You want to make a new manip and make it your own.
We are not looking for you to copy the piece bit by bit.

I would like to see the pictures side by side.

Stealin Pt. 1 by nitchwarmer

Here are the 6 to choose from
you may enter more than once but you must stay in your own level.

All I Had To Give by Shadowed-Awakening  Black Matador by magicsart
Frostbite by LillyCadaver  Escape... by Elsapret
Princess of the Sea by marphilhearts  Angel Tears by theheek 

...any more questions just ask and we will figure it out.
all the rules are posted on the front page if you need them.

Best of luck

© 2014 - 2022 nitchwarmer
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I still feel like a noob some days!  Facepalm  Where do I find the logo for the group in order to put in on my entry? Blush 
nitchwarmer's avatar
Icon, I am sorry ... just remove  the asterisk  :icon*stewed-tomatoes:
marphilhearts's avatar
I should have known that. I was having a moment. LOL... Thanks very much!
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hi! here is my entry its so cold by Lolita-Artz i cant submit into the folder,im waiting to be accept by the group :)
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Thanks and best of luck
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Do all the original stocks have to be used? Or can different stocks be used as long as the model and theme/idea of the piece is similar?
nitchwarmer's avatar
as long as the model and theme/idea of the piece is similar?
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Well shit, I'm not a premium member anymore so can't post thumbs. The one I'm talking about is on the bottom right in the journal, "Angel Tears"
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Just sent an invite and as long as you stay with the theme and the main model your good. :hug:
ScatteredAshe's avatar
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I just realized I'm not even a member of this group :ohnoes: but I just really want to get of of this fucking artist block I've had for forever. Anyway, um like if I wanted to steal this one 
but use different wings and change the bg up a bit, but keep with the general idea of the piece. Would that be okay?
theheek's avatar
yes that's fine that's the whole idea of the challenge ...............have fun with it I cant wait to see what u come up with Hug 
ScatteredAshe's avatar
I got a horrible cold and haven't been able to get my piece done in time for the contest :sick: :(
If you don't mind, I'd still like to finish it and post it to my gallery, with credit to you of course =)
theheek's avatar
yha no problem I hope u feel better I know it sux to be sick all too well
Hug just feel free to take ur time and rest till u feel better
nitchwarmer's avatar
yes that would be fine
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I can donate 50 points per winner :hug:
nitchwarmer's avatar
Thanks a lot. I will add it to the blog. :hug:
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If you are looking for prizes, I would be happy to donate
exclusive stocks and features :nod:
nitchwarmer's avatar
Thanks I will add you to the list
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