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Welcome to our Summertime Contest



Contest runs from August 12 thru August 29

 Greetings Members

There are no stocks required to worry about, you have complete reign on this one.

You can go cute and cuddly to dark and hideous the choice is yours.

This contest last for 18 days.

August 12 thru August 29
 So you will find plenty of time to cook something up.

For this contest only we are allowing ONE 3-d image in your composition.

 If you do this your art must be submitted as "MIXED MEDIA"

Doll On A String2 By Slichoart-dach7tl by nitchwarmer

Poster By KarinSPhotography


  • You must be a member to join in the fun. Join requests are welcome.

  • It must be a new piece of art as of August 12th

  • You can enter twice, but you can only win once.

  • Make sure to add the groups icon and mention the contest thru a link to the contest itself.

  • Submit your finished piece directly to the skill level you are competing in.

  • You may use one 3-d images (1) If you do this your art must be submitted as "MIXED MEDIA"

  • You must credit and notify the stock providers

  • (we will check...)



Stock Background
Feature on two sites




210 points per winner

Points provided by :

annewipf - IlluminatingDreamz
nitchwarmer - TheStockWarehouse




Stock pack


100 points to each winner while giving out a llama, feature and links to stock exclusives

© 2016 - 2022 nitchwarmer
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Hi! I am looking for who are the judges for the contest?  Out of curiosity. Is it listed somewhere and I am too blind to see? lol Thanks! :D
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the judges were LoloAgain caddman and gregnan

I dont post them they rotate every contest to be fair.
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It was over August 29th
theheek's avatar
darn whats the current one about?
nitchwarmer's avatar
a new one starts tomorrow. You should check out the journal than.
theheek's avatar
ok I will thanx
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Just a little question: if we would like to participate to this contest, are we obliged to use stocks from Deviantart? Or can we use stocks from paid stock sites, like Shutterstock?
Thanks a lot for your answer :rose:
nitchwarmer's avatar
At this group, as long as its a legit place you can use it.
SecretDarTiste's avatar
Thanks so much for your quick reply! :hug: I hope to join the contest, I was just asking to be sure :wow:
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I donate 1 premium stock image for the first place winner
nitchwarmer's avatar
Thank you very much. I will add you to the list
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Wish me luck that I can join in the game this time around, Max. :)
nitchwarmer's avatar
Best of luck my friend
SilentPlea's avatar
Oh fun! No required stock image?
nitchwarmer's avatar
not this time, You can run wild. lol
SilentPlea's avatar
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