Creepy Dark Forest

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Scary-dark-forest-desktop by nitchwarmer

Welcome to our annual "CREEPY CREATIONS CONTEST"

This contest starts July 25th and ends August 8th


This is a contest for the members of


You must be a member to join in

You must list all stock used and credit the provider

You must use da stock and use direct links to the stock used

In the artists comments add the groups icon and a link to the contest

Submit to the contest folder when finished

Artwork must be new as of July 25th

All mediums welcome

There is no required stock, you have free range with this project.
The members will judge the winners.

We are going to create a scene , behind the trees, in the fog, and so on. Make it as scary as you can.


Winner will receive 50 points

A blog feature of the winning piece and 3 from your gallery

A Llama

If you can support this contest comment below.
all contributions welcome
Points, features, llamas, prints, ETC

© 2016 - 2021 nitchwarmer
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Thought the contest didn't end until the 8th? Just need a few hours to finish.

BTW, it's a blast!
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I know there is no required stock, but is it required to use some dA stock?
I'd rather use all my own photos, but if I have to find something from dA, I will.
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You can use your own just put that in the artist comments
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Wow, sounds like tons of fun. :)
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Its was for
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Sounds intriguing! Will see if I can enter. Still working on the "Credit Stock Providers" tutorial. I keep making new stocks out of the stuff I'm using for the tutorial. Doing one thing makes me think of another then the next thing you know I've gotten distracted and got busy with something else :roll: ~ it's a bitch gettin' old! :granny: :granny: rewamp 

Oh.... can I create a stock premade as an entry????
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Yes you can. I cant wait to see the credit tut. I wish I could be more help.
TheStockWarehouse's avatar
It took me awhile to gain permissions from stock providers to be allowed to screenshot their rules for use. I got different types of rules; short and sweet, basic, several but easy to follow then extensive. Of course, the screenshots are getting cropped and placed on backgrounds I create. I figure since I'm doing a journal tutorial I can use large representations of the stock artists, since the original panels will be housed in Just need to keep working on it :aww:
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I would like to join in Max, which group do I need to be a member of?
KarinSPhotography's avatar
already sent in a request :)
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