Birds in Cages

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Group News

The contest closes today

I will contact the judges to make their final decision.

Best of luck

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Image By Lora Vysotskaya-da99eam by nitchwarmer

This weeks poster by 

Lets try something fun "Birds in Cages"

All the normal rules apply

  • You need to be a member to play

  • Add the groups icon

  • Mention the contest enter your skill level

  • Credit all your stocks

  • Notify the provides.

  • Participants may submit as many entries as they want, but each time with an another cage.


 We are going to be open with the word 'BIRD'

Bird means different things in different areas.

So use your imagination and create something wonderful.

When you are finished with your submission be sure to put it in the right skill level folder.

Below are the required stock items you get to play with

( choose one )

Bird Cage by mjranum-stock  cage by Arshad-Art-Concept  UNRESTRICTED - Rusty Birdcage Render by frozenstocks  3D Bird Cage by zememz 

Good luck to everyone


have fun...

This contest runs from July 12 thru July 26

© 2016 - 2022 nitchwarmer
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Sorry: the inspiration didn't come, my work failed: it happens sometimes. :(

Next time, perhaps. :)
nitchwarmer's avatar
I understand, Thank you :hug:
annewipf's avatar
You're welcome :hug:
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I'm back in town and I'll be finishing up my entry today.
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Glad you are back. We all missed you.
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I am sorry is the challenge still open ? I just finished mine?
nitchwarmer's avatar
Yes its still open
ArcaneArtefacts's avatar
Ty will have it in in a minute trying to sort out credits ty!
NUBES112's avatar
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FYI Your art is getting really good. I am so happy for you. :hug:
L-inda's avatar
Wow! A great concept! My compliments to Lora for the poster.❤️
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