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I like the feel of this piece. I know something bad is about to happen, I'm just not sure to whom it will befall! I like the symmetry of the image as it gives one room to play with depth of field. I like the torch light and the glow that they give off. I notice on the right side of the picture there is a hard line where the yellow glow just abruptly stops. I like the soft blur of the crowd in the distance, it serves to better show depth however the trees behind the crowd are quite crisp and clear in their outlines. A few pixels of Gaussian blur on the background trees may serve to soften there appearance. The mid-ground model seems perfect for this piece. I particularly like the way her eyes are fixed on the owl. To me, her jacket is too bright for this scene however, if you intended it to be to add "POP" to the model, than you were successful. I also note a glow around portions of the mid-ground model. You may also want to use the blur tool to soften the edges of the model since she is further away than the foreground model. The only other thing you might consider is adding a bit more shadow to the left side of the foreground model. Overall I like this piece. I think it was well thought out and executed. Great job.
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thanks for a great critique. You caught me being lazy in all the parts I rushed though. :D
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 I do the same things all the time! I've started waiting a day before I submit them so I can see it again after I've slept.
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Hi! :wave: You've been featured here:
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awesome work!!:) (Smile) 
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<font><font class="">welcome</font></font>
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...nice and dark...:clap:
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amazing work Max, looks like a movie promo :D
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nice job...I like how you changed the crowd.
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So very cool Max! :wow:
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I put some crow pings up as stock recently if you ever need them.  I used a graphic for a cover instead of the pngs (I need a keeper...), but there's a zipfile with some in it as a d/l.
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