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To my Girl Friend

To my girl friend who happens to be my wife. Unique concept.
I was going to write you a love poem and place it on a pretty lit temp Than I thought no.
What is wrong with something whimsical and humorous?
So I reconsidered and came up with this. I still have time to pick you some redneck roses.

Happy Valentines day my love. I am such a lucky man to have you part of this crazy life of mine.

[link] :iconlpdragonfly: :iconkeren-r: & :iconro-stock: [link] :iconsilverbeam: [link] :iconcasualeen: [link] :iconthoartispixel:
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thanks for the download ... the picture is very nice :)
TheFantaSim's avatar
Your heart theme deviation is being featured in my current journal:
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:D It's still hard to show my softer side but when it comes to Tammie its a pleasure.
ArtByCher's avatar
That is all that matters! :)
HippieVan57's avatar
thats a nice dedication max! :D
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ElectricGecko's avatar
Unusually sweet, and lacking an ironic twist. You ol' softie!
nitchwarmer's avatar
yep, I have that side, but I thought about making blood come out the bears eyes...:lol:
nitchwarmer's avatar
:love: ain't it grand?
PlagueJester's avatar
Way to go, Nitch. I can really feel the love between you two. Which is really fucking spooky... cut it out.

I hope you two have a great V. day.
nitchwarmer's avatar
Thanks my friend. I know its corny but WTF. She dug it.
MarinaNeira's avatar
Aww, how cute... :heart:
nitchwarmer's avatar
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, :lmao: Even us dark artists have a softer side. Thank you.
tam2u's avatar
I love you more and more everyday You never cease to amaze
nitchwarmer's avatar
To love you more than I do I would have to be like an amoeba and split to become two of myself.

Right now there is no more room to love you anymore than I do.

tam2u's avatar
Awwwww however since you do have dual personalities here on dA could that be considered the same thing?
I do love you sweetheart and am so lucky to have you by my side
nitchwarmer's avatar
Yes I do have duel personalities here, but I don't think you really want to be involved with that crazy bastard. :evillaugh:
tam2u's avatar
Maybe I do :evillaugh:
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