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Second Cousin Twice Removed

This is a level three entry for the Create a Creature Challenge @ :icondarkart-challenges:

(required stock) *Chunga-Stock [link] & [link]

Creature main body [link] `NEOkeitaro [link] ~SalsolaStock [link] ~mysilentsky-stock [link] ~xcellardoorxstock [link] #resurgere [link] ~trisste-brushes [link] =zememz

Back wall [link] ~AnneWillems [link] ~marmaladepip

Tank [link] *indigodeep [link] =KornKidSamStock

Woman [link] ~PhoeebStock

DISCLAIMER: Though I don't really find it acceptable for the founder of a group to enter the contests a challenge group provides the members with a prompt to kick start the creative process. If you are not involved in a challenge group it is a wonderful way to gain support and practice. Most of the admins here if they win will always leave the winnings for the next challenge. We just enjoy the competition...
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Oh my goodness, this is awesome work! You did a great job creating the creature, textures, and overall content! Nice work!!
nitchwarmer's avatar
thank you dear. It was like most of my art a learning experience.
DawnSutherland's avatar
This is so amazingly well done. I hope to be as good as you, my work looks like crap compared to most of you guys. So much so I almost didn't enter this month because I couldn't manip what I invisioned properly. Oh well, that is the point of a challenge is to get better! I just wanted you to know I admire your work immensely.
nitchwarmer's avatar
Thank you so much. I have not been doing manips for to long, only two years or so. I taught myself just like you are doing. So don't give up.
TheFantaSim's avatar
This deviation is being featured in my current journal:
nitchwarmer's avatar
Thank you Great to hear!
HeartOfDeath's avatar
oh wow--this is truly a magnificent piece--bravissimo!
nitchwarmer's avatar
thank you so much.
HeartOfDeath's avatar
Ferelwing's avatar
nitchwarmer's avatar
Lovely. :D I hate that word....
Ferelwing's avatar
It was sarcasm I swear :giggle: you know how I am.. *wink* I meant it was awesome
Elchanan's avatar
Very beautiful!:hug:
Elchanan's avatar
You are welcome!:hug:
Blackdanter's avatar
Wow, love the sense of a big back story to this.
nitchwarmer's avatar
Thanks for me its rather short. I can really get wordy at times. :)
Quest007's avatar
This visual makes me want to see this fleshed out into a full length story! Looks great!
nitchwarmer's avatar
Thanks,I want to do another if I can find the time.
candysamuels's avatar
hey we are related.... got my webcam on hahahahah
nitchwarmer's avatar
:D Tammie thinks its best if I don't get one. I might get in trouble, she's usually right!
candysamuels's avatar
hahah women usually are hahaha
Chunga-Stock's avatar
This looks fantastic! Love the idea :D Thanks again for using my stock :hug:
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