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No Critique Please

Not everyone wants a critique. I decided to make something for your art that looks better than just typing the words.

Everyone is free to use this in their artist comments or where ever the need arises.

I have to credit ~Wearwolfaa
I did use his Fella image from [link]

I hope someone finds this useful...

I find it hard to believe but I have block comments that were very nasty. Seems some people rather insist that that they have a right to cram there opinion on you where you want them or not.
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But sometimes you NEED critique even when you don't think you do.
nitchwarmer's avatar
This is an old piece and yes you are right
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CURSE YOU! That s not fair play !lol   ;)
Real critique is constructive caus' it's not judgment ! ^^     a point of view 
If we show our works ....we  get critique...same as during exhibitions ," it s the game " : )
If  someone  just says to me " your work is bad" without analysis or argument to develop... Yawn  it has no importance ..waste of time..
Nobody can't stop you making art , certainly not on internet , damn it ! 
I can understand that some people's stupid attitude is tiresome , same in a lot of internet stuffs ,social networks,chat,etc ..(i stopped online gaming last year..^^)

..always easier to bug Max , confortably sitting behind a computer  than bug Max for real !!!!.   ;)

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Some people give a critique even if you dont want one. All I ask is let me choose if I want one or not. :D
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Hi , I think you have beautiful art and would love to be able to post it on my 3 art pages given you full credit and respect , my pages are ,… ,… ,
nitchwarmer's avatar
Thanks for asking you have my permission.
Hargis007's avatar
Thank you so very much ,you just made my day . 
Endivie11's avatar
I faved this. Not because I can't take critique and hate it overall but because I can't stand those people who think they have to shove their opinion down other peoples throat and insult them, even if they're not harming anyone. So much drama is caused by this. Live and let live, I say.

People don't want you to wash their car? Just don't do it :D
nitchwarmer's avatar
That is the reason I created it. :D thanks for the comment.
x-ReaperLadyDeath-x's avatar
there is always disableing your comments so no one can comment.;)
Nina-Lipkin-Art's avatar
thats awesome you are awesome good thought :D
Peppermint-Demise's avatar
Critique is very helpful as long as it's constructive. An artist always has room for improvement, and no matter how good their art is already, I think they should be open to criticism if they ever want to improve. Of course there are those people whose criticism isn't exactly constructive at all, just douchey.
nitchwarmer's avatar
But what about the people that do it for fun? They dont care about faves and being popular. They have there own style and run with it good , bad, or ugly. Most feel that others are trying to make art all look the same way and thats boring. We here are friends and maybe next manip we will try something that was suggested. Than there is me, as soon as I finish a manip my files are deleted and the stock is removed from my gallery. I can never go back and change anything on a piece. that picture is finished.
I manip for fun and Photoshop teaches me things on its own. Discovery is awesome. There are many that dont even use tuts, so why should we care about the masses wanting us to all create art the same. Thats not artist freedom at all. Thats just wrong to give advise where its not asked for.
Peppermint-Demise's avatar
I don't think it's wrong for someone to give advice when it's not asked for if they're really just trying to help. It's not that most people want everyone to create art that's all the same, they're just trying to point out aspects that could use some improvement. And even if you do delete your files after posting something, you can still try their advice in the future. It doesn't hurt to at least TRY it, because different people have an eye for different things.

I don't want to make a career out of my art, it's just a hobby to me. But I want to be good at my hobby, and I've realized how awesome it is to look back on my older art and see how I've improved. I owe a lot of that to people who gave me good, honest critique. To me, people who just hide from criticism and refuse to hear other peoples' opinions just seem like their egos can't take it. And really, when you post anything online you have to realize that people can say whatever they want... and you may not like it.
smilinggoatstudio's avatar
It is the unspoken rule in art to not offer a critique unless it is asked for. A critique is a very personal thing and should be gotten by someone you trust and respect. Also, there is very specific etiquette which should be followed when critiquing. Not against it. It does help someone grow, but that is what DA put the "artist request critique" (or whatever it says) feature on there, so people can ASK for it, not just get input from every person who feels they want to impose their opinion.
TracyWong's avatar
I totally agree. Well said. 
Peppermint-Demise's avatar
Still, if someone wants to impose their opinion they're going to do it anyway. People getting all bent out of shape about it just makes it more appealing to do so.
smilinggoatstudio's avatar
The thing is that critiquing is a VERY personal thing and the proper thing to do is to simply do what is taught when you are young; If you are not asked, then you keep your mouth closed. I personally think you are right in some respect, it isn't worth getting your knickers in a twist, and it does give fuel to the fire when you react strongly, but it is rude to impose when you haven't been asked. Think of it as a stranger coming up to you and commenting on how you should have done something different with the way you are dressed, applied make-up, your choice of accessory or anything of that sort. It just isn't done. It is an understood etiquette in the art world that critiques should be given only when asked for. There is actually also a right and a wrong way to go about it. This is precisely why there is an option on DA to post when you are wanting critiques. Some prefer to get their critiques from respected artists they trust to know the right and wrong way to go about it. Some don't want them at all, so they don't ask for them. In that case, no critiques should be given. Comments and critiques are two totally different things.
Peppermint-Demise's avatar
I can understand why people would think critiquing is a personal thing, because they are expressing themselves in their art. At the same time, I really don't think it's meant to be (unless the person critiquing is just being a jackass). For example, if someone commented saying something along the lines of "This is really nice, but I think the colors might be a little too bright. Other than that it's awesome!" That really doesn't seem like an insult, more like friendly advice. When a person just can't take positive, helpful critique like that then they're really not good artists, regardless of their skill level. Just because someone suggests something doesn't mean you have to actually try it, because of course the critique is based on their opinion. Still... if you're going to post art publicly on a site full of other artists, you're not always going to have people telling you how AMAZING your art it. It's just something you have to deal with.
smilinggoatstudio's avatar
It isn't about being able to take a critique, it just is that it shouldn't be done unless it is asked for, publicly posted or not. That is simply the etiquette in art. I am all for critiquing but it shouldn't be offered even if it is with the best of intentions at heart. People go out in public all the time expressing their own sense of style all the time, but that doesn't mean they should be critiqued on it without being asked. Would you actually expect someone who is told, uninvited, they really don't have the build for that pair of jeans and should try these instead, to accept it as a part of going out in public? By the same token I don't believe anyone should feel the need to blow smoke up someone's rear just because. I actually think the comments portion creates too much trouble by creating an expectation there is an obligation to say something nice and causes an unnecessary conflict with the proper modus operandi of proper critique methods and etiquette. Just because it is a public site does not give automatic critiquing rights to whomever chooses to say something, any more than appearing in public gives others the right to critique anything involving that person whatever it may be.
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