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Morgue Revisited

I started to redo this one here Gladiator Phonetically by nitchwarmer
Only to find out 90% of he stock was unavailable. I hate it when artists have hissy fits and start removing or putting there art in storage. I do understand that most artists are very sensitive but come on!!!! lol

More bones… and :iconsunnyblueday:
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yeah.... some of the stock that you used is gone now . urgh. I hate it when that happens.

nice art BTW.

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I hate that also. Hey thanks for the compliment.

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I feel the same way myself. It's selfish to take down a piece esp. when it has been favorited.

Tegerio, over at FurAffinity, was doing a strip "The saga of Zander Skonk" Yes, SkOnk. The story as far as I was able to read it, has covered 1000 years, and then suddenly Tegerio selfishly moved further chptrs to Patreon where we have to PAY to see it. So - I do not know what became of Zander's search for her long-lost friend Hester …. Unanswered questions, ...
Looks better than the original!! hahaha excellent and creepy work!! Clap 
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Thank you my dark friend.
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So spoooooooky! Thanks for using my stock! :hug:
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Thanks so much for have used my stock
in this beautiful work! flower75 by Luckygay
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A superb manipulation job ;)
nitchwarmer's avatar
nerdboy69's avatar
Your welcome my friend :)
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nitchwarmer's avatar
:D thank you very much
VictorianSpectre's avatar
You're very welcome :)
SunnyBlueDay's avatar
Glad all that cropping of that skeleton served you well :)
nitchwarmer's avatar
you did a great job too
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Awesome job friend!
Shedboy68's avatar
Yur so welcome and its always a pleasure!
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Hey peter a while back I got some scraps for you and made a picture. Do you have anymore?
PeterN64's avatar
Somewhere I have them
just need to pick up. What are you most interested in? ( i need you e-mail)
nitchwarmer's avatar anything really I can put together into a manip. I havent done 3-d in a while
robhas1left's avatar
that's awesome..
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