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Masterpiece Alert

still trying to get back into the swing of things. I just haven't felt much like posting much. I have several pieces just sitting there waiting for me to finish them.





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Aug 6, 2008, 6:15:40 PM
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:iconwowplz: Absolutely FANTASTIC!! :iconwowplz:  :wow: :iconwowplz:  :wow: very VERY Powerful :iconwowplz: :iconhappydancerplz: :excited: :iconhappydancerplz:

caddman's avatar this what i call dark...Wow
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Im having a hard time motivating me to create art for some reason. these collabs are really helping me with my slump. You wont believe how I have to force myself to make anything. I just have to much on my mind. I do however look forward to our endeavors.
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I think I'm in a similar situation.  Just in the past week or so I've finally returned to DA in general -- looking through new deviations, faving, commenting again. 

As artists, we get consumed by new things in order to master them I think. 

Now that I'm almost in my final semester of grad school, and I have a general sense of what I'm doing with patients, I've the inner resources to return to things that bring me joy - versus being consumed by mastering a new beginning.

With your new advocacy work, it will take you time to get into the swing of it.  And that's totally okay and to be expected. 

Am I making sense?
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yeah nd I never really looked at it that way. It does make more sense now thanks for lifting a few clouds.
If you ever what to do an collab just let me know I really do enjoy working with folks.
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I'd love to do a collab.  I'll have December off for the most part, other than seeing patients (minus the papers and exams though).

You know of any good collab challenges we might partake in, or something just for fun?
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No I dont know of any challenges but Im OK with just for fun. Like I said I am kinda using these to get me through my grey slump. We can start thinking of a theme and when you are ready just rattle my cage. I am open to most anything.
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Awesome, I'll let you know as soon as this semester is finished!
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...i have been there in i grab my camera and started shooting again...a short breake sometimes is problem is i have so many in diffirent phases and don't have enough time.

its hard to be creative sometimes being an artist is very hard to express them self...but i think our art is but a mirror of our inter self

allot of my ideas are from dreams...don't be to hard on your self...soon you will be back in the zone.

in the meantime i will help you by working together on projects again.

i am here for you Bro...:)
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thank you I do appreciate it. BTW I havent done a SCIFI piece in a long time this should be fun.

This was done with all 3d stock 
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