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It's Time To Ping-Pong!



Shitty sketch

Stock Used By Max:
dark sky III
Falling Autumn Leaves

 I did use a couple of clouds from my own resouce

Stock Used By Ivy:
Leaf Pile 10381448
Leaf PNG 02 - Stock
Leaf PNG 03 - Stock
Leaf PNG 04
Leaf PNG 05
.::+Tree Stock no.12+::.
Wax Gore Texture 1
Wax Gore Texture 2
Wax Gore Texture 4
Wax Gore Texture 5
Beat The Meat Texture
Bloodbath Texture 2
Chicken skin texture
Chicken skin texture4
Chicken skin texture8
Chicken skin texture10
Red Onion - texture 2
Meat_Stock 04
4 HD Flesh Textures
Meaty Texture 1308
Flesh Of The Gods
Stock Texture - Melon
Flesh textures Pack 01
Pound of flesh
Winter Trees 06
Tree 12
Horrifying Chinese Mannequin

My partner in crimes copy:

Leaving by TheNaughtyPirate

Leaving by nitchwarmer

"Leaving" was created by TheNaughtyPirate and nitchwarmer for the It's Time To Ping-Pong! challenge  presented by ManipulateThis 

nitchwarmer and I were paired up for this challenge, quite happily. Both of us tend to lean to the dark side, so we were well matched!
At first, we were both stumped (hah - see what I did there?) by the challenge theme "Leaving You In Autumn" as it was outside of the norm for both of us, so we didn't have many ideas. We wanted to do something darker.
As I was reading through the lyrics of the song "Leaving You In Autumn", I began to think of an eerie tree whose leaves were falling, as leaves often do in autumn. :P (Lick) I imagined that it would just appear as a spooky fall tree at first glance, but on closer inspection there was something far more menacing going on.
(We found the idea of leaves leaving the tree humorous.)
So, I presented the concept, Max liked it, and I drew up the crappy sketch as a general guideline.
We then went about looking at stock, and agreed upon our tree and a handful of images for the face. 
Max started the manip, and we took turns throughout.
At first we were working with a different face. After each of us playing with the first face a few times, and neither of us being completely happy with it, we opted to make a few more faces that we could choose from. We both really liked the chosen face! 
Max did the background work with an emphasis on the sky. We both worked on the tree, leaves and faces. I did most of the work on the roots, veins and the texture on the leaves in the forefront. Each of us added various little details here and there.
We worked well together and really had a fun time on this collaboration!
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Very well done and horrifying scene Max .... Are you stuck on halloween LOL
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everyday is Halloween :evillaugh:
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:laughing: Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING Max! :iconturkeyplz:
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Both of you too. Ill be with most of the family kicking it. :)
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:) Thanks Max,I'll be working thanksgiving day,we will celebrate on Sunday!
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thanks, You might get asked this a lot but, is it Sisters Laughter or Sister Slaughter :)
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Well, we can use both, but we prefer the second. :iconlittlesisterplz:
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:D I have always been curious
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