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Jan 23rd 2012

This is my Level 4 entry to the "Year of the Dragon" Challenge @ :iconmanipulatethis: [link]

The Challenge runs from Jan. 16th - Jan. 29th

Jan. 23rd starts the new Chinese New Year, The year of the dragon. There has already been concern about the new stamp created to commemorate the new year. Some feel it depicts the dragon in to much in an aggressive manner. The culture sees dragons as benign.

The Dragon also hold a few unique differences than the other zodiac signs. The biggest is it is the only FICTIONAL species of all the signs. Another fact is that most of the Emperor's have all been associated with this sign. The dragon stands for wealth, power, and wisdom. In the orient the dragon is never portrayed as mean nor viscous, this is a European concept. The thought of slaying this magnificent beast is unheard of.

Many couple plan to have children more in the dragon years than any other year. The population is estimated to grow by no less than 3% this year alone. China already has the largest population in the world and a baby boom is on the way. The government is natural concerned about the extra burden on their already struggling economy...

Required stock:
Required Font- Sumdumgoi Regular is a free down load @ Urban Fonts. [link]

Additional Stock Provided by:

[link] :iconresurgere: [link] :iconatava: [link] :icondazzle-textures: [link] :iconnitchwarmer:

The Chinese symbol stands for wealth and was the only thing painted by me...
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I hope to see a entry in the current Contest!
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Thanks I just read the blog. Its nice to be back..
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:boogie: It's good to have you back!
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Beautiful work!:hug:
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You are welcome!:hug:
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Thanks but there's no blood....
KimmieKrazy's avatar
lol! Once in a while we just have to
try something outside our comfort zone. :giggle:
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Its fun to play in others sandboxes, I get to leave treats. :evillaugh:
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Absolutely gorgeous: lovely texture, beautiful Asian girl, sweet roses and a dancing dragon. Beautiful work :)
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Thank you very much. I hope they let it in the contest. :giggle:
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Glad you like it. Thanks again for sharing your art. :hug:
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Thanks it was a fun one...
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