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It wasnt me and thats my story

This is my level 3 entry for the "Joyful Challenge"
@ :icondigital-whisperii:

Sometimes we all get carried away and try to cram to much shit in our art. This is one example of me getting carried away. I tried to stop but I was out of control.

by =zememz
by `mjranum-stock Model is Sarah Ellis

Additional Stock:
[link] `mjranum-stock [link] ~LilyStox [link] and [link] ~TwilightAmazonStock [link] ~ChristasVengel-stock [link] *bchamp2 [link] =zememz [link] *Lou-in-Canada [link] ~brutalbich [link] ~beatus-vir [link] =Stock-by-Casey [link] ~VivaStock [link] ~waterweed-stock [link] =justalittleknotty

Through the window:

by :iconashensorrow:
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There's certainly a lot to see :-)
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Its hard for me to do minimalist type pieces. Though I am considering trying a few just to go out of my comfort zone.
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Always good to go out of your comfort zone :-)
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haha Great stuff! :lol:
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This is agood kind of getting carried away.
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You're welcome
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I love this, there is a sence of fun, humor, and a lot of fuel for the imagination!!! Excellant work hon :)
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Thank you Barbara, I found it leads your eyes around the piece, a unexpected pleasure since it was not planned. I really let the art make itself, sort of.
mysticmorning's avatar
I think that is what makes it fantastic, and its a great way to relax and to have fun. Nice work hon!!!
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This is neat but it is kind of cluttered. You did get carried away here. I am trying to figure out what it is that she is denying. lol
You always dazzle me with your great creations.
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Thanks Charlie, Glad you like it.

Scaring the other girl by putting that clapping monkey in the box. Some people think they are creepy.
Charlie-C-M's avatar
Ok, I guess I missed the clapping monkey. I can understand that. My wife is freaked out over garden nomes (spelling??)
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oh man, this is so surreal and cool - I can see it being in an advertisement.
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