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Gladiator Phonetically

Photomanipulation/Digital/Mixed Media Sometimes its hard to tell where to place this shit. Working with 3D creations and photographic images is difficult at times with the limited skills I have. I try to make everything flow and look natural despite my grasp for layer masks and other advanced techniques. I have no problem admitting that I am still learning but to despite my handicaps I still feel my art is improving using less advanced techniques. Maybe the techniques are just short-cuts, I don't know but am sure I will find out with time.


Voices In The Night :iconsmoko-stock:
Silent Minutes Of A Meeting :iconsmoko-stock:
Skeleton 77U :iconalastock:
Skeleton3 :iconalastock:
Blood Splatter Download :iconluciaraio:
Beef 2 Stock or Texture :icondimonddoves:
Real Gore 002 :iconcarro-stalk:
Bloody leg :iconbabsxstock:
Fake Wound Stock :iconstonecoldstupid:
Crying Blood Stock :icondeath-star-stock:
Skin Texture :icontammysue:
Nude on Sofa 5 :iconchamberstock:
Morgue Stock :iconecathe:
Painted hair Brushes :icontrisste-brushes:
3D Zombie Male PNG Pack :iconmesange-bleue-stock:

This project took me numerous stocks and about 20 hours of my life on and off for about a week. This time I kept track of the layers and had a total of 30 and 206.2M PSD worth of space.

My works are registered and protected by
My Free Copyright and Safe Creative.Org
:police:All materials in my gallery may not be reproduced, copied, tubed, uploaded, edited, published or transmitted without my prior written permission.

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:rofl: this guy made a comment and then blocked me... What a DOUCHE!
l33tn3rdz's avatar
PROTIP: those free copyright sites are not worth anything according to lawyers that I spoke to. You want real protection? Register this with the US Copyright Office.
nitchwarmer's avatar
Bite me go bother someone else.
l33tn3rdz's avatar
How immature of you.
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nitchwarmer's avatar
Thanks, That means a lot. :D
Atu-XIII's avatar
Dmn Max this is so freakin awesome!..i love ur works! :heart:
nitchwarmer's avatar
Thanks I love your new icon. Thanks for collecting my entire gallery :lmao:
Atu-XIII's avatar
he he whos stalking who?
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Eeeeeeeeeeewwwww! This is really creepy but I love it! :D Thanks for using my stock! :hug:
nitchwarmer's avatar
hahaha. I am so glad. Sometimes I can go to far and the stock models get mad. Thank you, Thank you.
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Great work hun, seem a real zombie movie scene.
I love all the dectails you put in this.
Thank so much for have included in your amazing works a piece of my stock :hug:
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:bow: I love your work....
Ecathe's avatar
I love your too :iconhrtplz:
nitchwarmer's avatar
Thank you very much. It was an adventure....:D
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Thanks much appreciated.
BabsxStock's avatar
That is just amazing. Thanks for using my stock and turning it into something completely awesome. :meow:
nitchwarmer's avatar
Thank you. I'm glad you like it.
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