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Warriors OCs Ref #6
Phew! It’s been a while since I’ve drawn those warriors OCs! Started this two months ago, only got time to finish it recently… so I’m really happy to see this finally finished!

So here have a few Snowclan warriors:

Some kittiiiiiies from Snowclan also
Poppykit and Fernkit
Pollenkit, Heatherkit, Pantherkit and Waterkit

And last but not least, some medicine cats!
Cloverleaf, from
Twigpool and his apprentice Fogpaw, from
Rivershell and her apprentice Beepaw, from Sunclan

Hope you like them! Have a nice day/night! <3

First ref sheet (Snowclan only) :

Second ref sheet (Snowclan + first leaders of the Clans) :

Third ref sheet (City cats) :

Fourth sheet (The United + current leaders of the Clans + a Cloudclan warrior) :

Fifth sheet (The Deputies + Snowclan warriors)
Mirage - WoF OC Ref

OOf that’s really sketchy forgive me but I didn’t have the courage to line all of this ;w;

Anyways! This is my one and only Wings of Fire OC and I love her with all my heart!

Quick description :

Father : Cactus, a Sandwing (deceased)

Mother : Papaya, a Rainwing (deceased)

Name : Mirage (get it? Because she’s half desert, half camouflage!......... i’m super proud of her name actually omg xD)

Sex/Gender : Female

Caracteristics and details :

    ·       She has a mix of her parents’ abilities. She has her father’s poisonous sting and his ability to spit fire. She has her mother’s camouflage abilities, but (I think you’ve noticed) it only works on her wings and her crest. She does not have poisonous fangs.

    ·       She has a medium size, and although she’s not the strongest dragon, she is very agile and swift.

    ·       She litterally can’t live without sunlight! Water is very important for her health too (she can’t spend as much time as « normal » Sandwings can without water)

    ·       She can understand the scavengers’ langage (long story short, her mother likes scavengers and understands them because she was raised alongside them, so she taught her daughter how to communicate with them and how to NOT eat them)

    ·       She loves who she is and believes relationships between clans should not be a subject of hate and conflict. She has no shame over her origins or her mixed blood and is actually quite proud of it.

    ·       Although she is a nice dragon, she can also get REALLY angry, and she’s very difficult to calm down. So yeah she’s impulsive, very impatient and she likes to fight (for sport, not to kill people). She’s very proud, opiniated and stubborn, but when she loves you, SHE LOVES YOU AND WILL DO LITTERALLY ANYTHING FOR YOU. She really cares about her friends’ happiness and safety, and can get into some messy situations just to ‘defend their honor’ or something like that. A stubborn and impulsive cinnamon roll, that’s what she is.

    ·       She loves : fruits, meat, flying, laughing, scavengers, her friends, art and music, the sun, kicking some butts

    ·       She hates : swimming, insects, stupid hateful dragons, scavenger-eater dragons


Weeeell that’s all that came to my mind about this character soooo hope you like her!

Have a nice day/night! <3


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