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Fairy Aine (summer solstice) by Nismiana Fairy Aine (summer solstice) by Nismiana
Hills: compasslogicstock.deviantart.c………
Иллюстрация к рассказу Анны Яновской "Осторожно, Сидхен открывается"


- Aine! Wake up, it’s time to go… Her eyelashes quivered and nothing more. - Aine, The sunset is coming! A little grin appeared on her face, but her eyes were still shut. - It is the shortest night today! You aren’t going to sleep this night again, are you? Why on Earth! It is Midsummer, Aine! The plea is too demanding to ignore. The sweet dreams are keeping tight. Why on Earth…. - What is the use of waking up? Everything has come into oblivion, I am just sleepy. No-one makes fires on my Hill anymore. - You seem to be mistaken! There is a fire burning! - Is that true? The eyelashes arose happily , the eyes are open wide, clear as summer sky over Knockainy. -Yes, it’s burning! Have a look! Not wasting a minute, Aine sits up, caring hands start unpating her golden hair and passing a comb through it, tiny cloth over her shoulders, fastened with a swan-shape fibula, some gentle velvet shoes embraced her feet. - One fire only! Poor thing … There were times when the whole Hill was aglow with fires, the men carrying poles with flaming straw bunches and waving them to deify their goddess. She rose to her feet, her white garment was decorated with a silver chain around her waist. The plaits having been smoothed down, her sihouette now looked even more graceful. - Yes, only one. The bread is broken though and the drink has been spashed out into the grass. And what is more…

- Blood. Yes , I am feeling this –this drop of this fresh young blood. It’s time we went. Aine was moving along сhambers and Sithen was coming back to life. As she was passing through, the walls were glowing, the stone floor was turning into marble and the faded pattern on the walls regained the rainbow of colours which had been lost and forgotten. The centre of spacious circular chamber was occupied by an empty fountain which was all covered in dust. The goddess shook her head sadly as she noticed the head of reindeer which bowed in sorrow. She stepped into the fountain. Her gentle fingers touched the cold stone reindeer as she patted him. His antlers moved slightly and he leaned forward , his dark expressive eyes met with the eyes of his Mistress,

- Run, fianna, run! He made a big leap, and now water splashed from the fountain, as the fairy was wet from head to foot. Happy cheers were heard everywhere. The music filled the air of Sythen, Aine was going forward again – as she was eager to see the Tree. The tree was enormous and white , it rose in the middle of the chamber which might have been called a throne-room by people, and was growing at the same time in the past, present and future. Faded leaves were falling from its branches, flowers were flourishing along with golden sweet and bitter fruit of Truth:. Aine touched its smooth bark and the Tree leaned a branch to pat her pale cheek with deep green leaves. They were whispering something to each other –but this dialogue could not reach anyone's ears. Sythen though took a deep breath and rolled over as if it were a bear, having slept for ages. The goddess gave a kiss to a tender flower, hidden amidst the leaves,and it flew into her hair, decorating it with its exquisite white and pink petals. At last they can escape! The sythen citizens are standing crowded together anxiously, waiting for permission to go out following their mistress. The midsummer night! What a happy holiday it is! What lovely music is heard! How sweet the fairies dance! The pillars, protecting the entrance into the Hill are slowly raising the heavy stone door and warm summer twilight is meeting the magic air of Knockainy.

She was walking in the grass of the sublunary world and smiling. Tiny fairies, like glowworms, flitted around her as the shining cloud, they touched her naked hands and got trapped in her hair. Here they are - three girls who have awakened her today. They are stuck in amazement, exchanging glances. The chips are scattered on a grass, the Coca bottle is overturned. They also don't know what it means in such a place as Knockainy. Oh, yes they had bathed in Lokh-Gur! Aine clearly saw drops of its dark waters in the hair of babies. The flame of a small fire has risen up, welcoming Linnen Shi, and she asked with a smile: - is this night good enough for you, cailini? They were embarassed for a while, but then answered quickly enough. It has become clear that night isn't too good. At first Syuzi unsuccessfully opened a pack with chips, and now their dinner is on a grass, and mothers very strictly forbade them to eat from the earth. Then Elin overturned the Coca, and, they are now thirsty which is just awful! To cap it all Kate has cut a toe, for no reason, – probably, has stepped on something sharp in the grass. The tall beautiful woman listened to them and consoled. She told that everything was not so terrible. It was necessary only to try to find a stone. Big such stone, a boulder and to sit on it. Yes, to sit for a while, nothing special. And then everything will be good. For sure, she promises. The woman helped them to make torches, and little girls started running around the hill. It took them three times before they at last found it. Katkhar was hardly visible, having gone to the earth almost entirely. Girls in turn took seat on its warm surface , heated during the longest day in a year, and sat still for several seconds. The woman appeared nearby and, leaning onto the stone, patted it, as if it was a big old dog.

-Cathair, - she spoke in a melodious voice with strange intonations, - please present these girls with what children of Dan are famous. Let they be as Tuata De Danaan, let they understand poetry and music, be able to have fun and attract looks with the charm. The girls exchanged glances. What about the strange words told by this surprising woman? And Linnen Shi in turn touched their foreheads and

smiled. She gave them also the power over male hearts, but so far they are still too small to use it. Let them grow up.

She said goodbye to girls and those have left home, being surprised that they were neither hungry nor thirsty any more, and on a footpath each flower was visible. Aine smiled to them , Brauns will take care of children, they will not be punished at home , and they will have dinner and go to bed. Now, when people had left Knokaine, The Hill opened up . High columns held its top, and fairies scurried about to and fro, danced and had fun, celebrating Midsummer. - What will the girls do with the gift in the world where noone remembers about us, Aine? - I will be most useful for them, be sure! They will write poems about us. They will recite those poems –and their gift of being enchancing will open people's hearts for them. People are always waiting for wonders, they are scared of mysteries but also long for them.The girls will give them hope for the possibility of wonder. My Hill will be covered with fires again! The goddess grinned - All human males will seek a chance to meet me again. - О, men! That count was smart enough, was not he? - That was so long ago! - But sometimes past returns! - It will happen again, it will! And the little girls hurried home. Suzy, who will put ordinary words into wonderful poems, is smiling thoughtfully. Melodies are tumbling about in Kate's head. One day they will gather into powerful beautiful compositions , her little fingers are touching invisible guitar strings as if making chords. Red haired Alin forces her friends forward, unaware of the power of her voice now. People will get stunned with admiration listening to her singing.

Once they will turn human music world upside down, they will be shining like the star which is visible in the Knockain sky, illuminating their way in the darkness of summer night. They will be given lot of tender names, the lyrics of their sons will become as well-known as ancient stories of the gods and heroes. And the ancient magic floating around in the air will be easy to believe. Linnen Schi was smiling, thoughtfully looking at the flame of the fire. The magic night of Midsummer was on the rise.

Author Anna Yanovska
Translation by Ir'Inka
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