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Award Badge PSD

A set of 3 badges, editable PSDs, feel free to use it if u like, do provide me a link if u use it somewhere as i would love to see how one incorporates them !! Plz leave a comment if u like it! :)

You can use this deviation for personal use.
You can use this deviation for commercial use.
Credit is nice but not necessary.
My only request:
If you want to upload it to other websites,
please link it back to my deviantart page!
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I will add it to the shopping mall image
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Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful artwork. I would like to use it for an Long Service Awards booklet for miners in South Africa. If it happens, I will send you a sample.
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Thanks for the feedback. Good luck! :)
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so pretty! Thank you for sharing! (:
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can I use this for graduation ribbons?
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Thank you so much, although I must point out that there are others better than me. I don't think I'm good at advising people but all I can say is that keep watching tutorials as there are many on Youtube/Vimeo and other internet mediums and practice on it... and eventually you'll surprise yourself. :) 
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Hello! Can I edit these awards' colors? I just want the gold has a blue ribbon, and the silver has a red ribbon. Does that sound okay to you?

I'm admin of the wikia that you can I am working on new awards to replace the old ones. I can give you a proper credit, too.

Please let me know, thank you. =)
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Of course you can. Please go ahead. Sorry for the delayed response as I'm not as active on dA as before. Thank you :)
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Hi there! Okay, thank you so much! :D
muito legal gostei
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Hey, I'm Ryan - and I LOVE these; shows great talent! Would like to ask you something! Would you mind emailing me your email address? It's :)
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wow, very beautiful! but I can't download it! It has no response, when i click the download button. please, help me.Waaaah! 
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Thanks for the feedback... I tried downloading it and it did download. I don't know, maybe something wrong at your end. 
Thank you!

The link is here:…

I am using your 'Badge' for a client's website, but it is still under development and not up yet.  However, I have an 'Acknowledgement' page on my website, where I have placed the image with a link.
Best wishes!
Hi Loved them, Used them at on home page
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