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Hey guys ! 
:iconstabbedbyapanda: is opening up some slots for 3D modeled commissions !

He's pretty much open to trying anything, be it weapons, characters, props or anything :iconsupersandplz:
But has the most practice in weapons and some in characters.

But here are some of his recent examples: 
NikiNazuu - Carrot's Gun by stabbedbyapandaWaxBottle - Dual Swords by stabbedbyapanda
Axe - The MoonlitPrince by stabbedbyapandaDual Daggers - MakussoRiin by stabbedbyapanda

! by 8-BitSpider As the title says, this is a NYOP ! (Name Your Own Price)  ! by 8-BitSpider

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Just comment below with a ref and price, and if stabbedbyapanda is interested, he'll reply asap 

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Paypal only; no points

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Not first-come-first-serve

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario If youre not sure about something you want modeled, or just have a question in general, ask away below and one of us will try to get to you shortly 

Thanks for reading, have a good day/night !  Howl by Blobicons
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SophiaBlackmoon Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2018  Student Writer
how much for a sword with a wolf based hilt? 
Nishipu Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2018
What do you mean exactly? ;u; Is there no actual ref, but you want us to think up a sword along those lines? 
SophiaBlackmoon Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2018  Student Writer
oh yeah X3 i can provide a idea ref or i can wait til i get it made ^^
stabbedbyapanda Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Just send me a note letting me know which you decide to do :3 and we can talk! :)
stabbedbyapanda Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2018  Student Digital Artist
A reference image would probably work, i could use that to gather more reference images based on what you want.
ExuberantCurtain Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
is there any example of characters? It's hard to determine that i'd want that but I haven't seen much examples on that.
stabbedbyapanda Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Fair point, I shall see if i can model up a character the next few days. Ty :)
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