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Hey guys ! 
:iconstabbedbyapanda: is opening up some slots for 3D modeled commissions !

He's pretty much open to trying anything, be it weapons, characters, props or anything :iconsupersandplz:
But has the most practice in weapons and some in characters.

But here are some of his recent examples: 
NikiNazuu - Carrot's Gun by stabbedbyapandaWaxBottle - Dual Swords by stabbedbyapanda
Axe - The MoonlitPrince by stabbedbyapandaDual Daggers - MakussoRiin by stabbedbyapanda

! by 8-BitSpider As the title says, this is a NYOP ! (Name Your Own Price)  ! by 8-BitSpider

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Just comment below with a ref and price, and if stabbedbyapanda is interested, he'll reply asap 

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Paypal only; no points

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Not first-come-first-serve

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario If youre not sure about something you want modeled, or just have a question in general, ask away below and one of us will try to get to you shortly 

Thanks for reading, have a good day/night !  Howl by Blobicons
Hey guys, opening up some slots for fullbody commissions !     

-$30+(Rises with character complexity)
-I can p much try drawing anything haha just ask !
-You can ask for a desired pose if wanted ! Just give me a ref or smth I guess asdjklfsdf
They'll basically be like the ones I posted not too long ago, lineart with simple shading etc. vvvvvvv
Eric4372 by NishipuNaritaCoree by Nishipu


And as for customs, Im doing some feral customs on this base ! 
NewCanvas1dfdfdf by Nishipu 
-Doesnt have to be a dog, it can be something else 


And lastly, the ref sheet com! 
I haven't done one of these comms  f  o  r  e  v  e  r  lmao
So I dont have a recent example sadfjkagsdf 
But heres what it roughly comes with
-Fullbody front and back view
-2 expressions headshots
-+2 more optional things to add, your choice (may be a bit more $ if its something big )
Starting price is $100 + ( may be less if it's a really simple character )
Its all line with flat coloring.


Thanks for reading; have a good day aaaa :iconheureshiiplz:
I post this journal once in a while to make sure a commission or two hasn't slipped through sdajfk 
I'd appreciate it if you could comment here than note, so its easier to remember ;w; My notes are a mess :iconheplz:
Pretty much requests I guess lol
Basically, my bf :iconstabbedbyapanda:  wants some swords/axes/ weapons to 3-D model for practice sake. 
Does anyone have a weapon they'd like to see 3-D modeled, and possibly textured? 

+A ref is required ; the image needs to be clear and easy to understand.
+Color isn't necessary 
+Give us permission to post made model (With crediting etc ofc , its just for the sake of posting something and examples sake)

Its a pretty vague idea as of now but feel free to post whatever in mind and we'll see what we can do !
Not first come first serve

Scythe - DreamEatingYuu by stabbedbyapandaDual Daggers - MakussoRiin by stabbedbyapanda
 NikiNazuu - Carrot's Gun by stabbedbyapandaHowlLXVIII - Bladed Tonfas by stabbedbyapanda
WaxBottle - Dual Swords by stabbedbyapanda
I have survived wheezes
BUT YES. Im getting back to comms for sure now , sorry for the wait guys //weeps
ty for being so patient 
So Ive thought long and hard about this : I have a few commissions lying about ive been trying really hard to get to. 
But school and work is really taking my time away. Ive made people wait quite a bit already and that itself is stressing me out quite a bit haha. I honestly didnt want to do this but before I make you guys wait any longer, Im thinking of re-funding IF WANTED. 
Ill still get to your comm asap but I cant give you an exact date since my schedule is so hectic. SO. If youd like a refund , please comment here and Ill get the funds back for you asap. I have a lot of payments so I may not have the funds then n there right away. Im sorry. Im thinking of making as many adopts as I can and refund people asap. Yeah. idk. its my mistake for taking on comms before school started. The last thing I want to do is make people wait but thats exactly what happened here so Im pretty frustrated at myself lmao
Omg, its the best feeling ever. 
Right this moment, Im staring at a character this certain person drew, and it looks nearly identical to an adopt I posted a day or so back. Funny thing? The nearly-identical one was then posted within 10 hours. Not even a day. L a u g h s Yeah they might have changed a few colors here n there, changed some shapes maybe, but its so fucking obvious Im laughing. Ive watched this person for years, I know their style/edits/tweaks/fashion sense, I just know.
This persons ripped my shit multiple times, its not the first. They also love to use the word 'inspiration' because they think it makes anything ok ! :thumbsup: My gravy, Ive tried being nice, for years now. Years. 
What makes it the worst is that he/she used to be a friend, and this whole reason is what made me go farther away from them. Its unfortunate, because I enjoyed this friendship a lot. I hoped they know, learn? Its not the first they've been accused of copying/HEAVILY cough "Inspired" cough 
Theres a difference between actual inspiration and straight-up theft lmao
But yeah, just a small rant ha
I know theres no getting around this problem. Itll always happen by posting online. But still, cant deny its frustrating as hell. 
Not going to say who Im talking about ofc but jfc, if youre reading this, Im kind of disappointed in you. I know you can make amazing things, theres no need to go around copying/making things that are 'heavily inspired' by other peoples shit.
Hey guys aaaaaaaaaaaa How you doing?
So sorry for the slow comms oh god orz
Schools been beating my ass every day sajfsdf Ive probably been sleeping 6-8 hours a week? 8)????
I have work from 5am till noon, then 6 classes worth of shit and homework. I also live an hour away from school so thats great :thumbsup:
A little bit of death yeah //fistpumps ever so slowly 
cries a little
But yeah, thats the reason coms may be a bit slower im sorry asdjghsf Im trying my best I swear orz I know some of you think thats nothing but afjfksf I cant handle it
Hope you guys have been doing better ! HA LAUGHCRIES
Herreee it is, not much right now, I may add more later.
Im pretty attached to all of these so sorry if they seem a bit high 
Im doing OTA on CASH ONLY $$$$$$$ No points, no art, just money orz
<da:thumb id="682793989"/><da:thumb id="682793989"/>
For once I may actually join a contest if i have the time klasdjf
edit// fml Igot scammed somehow, working on that now :/ Why does this shit never end. The posting of the ocs is going to be delayed a bit, sorry !
and then the school randomly dropped all my classes, which they themselves didnt understand why. Lost a few classes due to that :) ah this is so fun.

As much as I don't want to do this, I honestly dont have much choice.  
I need as much funds as I can get to pay for school orz aaaaaa this is so tiring. 
Not sure if I should sell them set price or OTA. Any idea suggestions would be great tytyy 
But yeah, I'll be posting a few within the next couple of hours 

If there's certain ones you're interest in, link me in the comments and I'll think about it ! Or offer , idk,whatever you'd like honestly 
Aughhhhh Schools starting again, Im taking 6 classes this time, Im going to die.
But yeah, taking comms now since i need the funds for payment orz 
Ill probably open up other commissions after, but for now Im only going to open up a few certain comms ;7;/
I dont have any slot limits right now BUT I DO TAKE TIME ON THESE. IM SLOW ASF PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND. (roughly 1-4 months) I do best when interested ofc so I may juggle the comms around , they do not necessarily come in order, though I do try to vaguely keep it that way lol. I have been trying my best to keep people updated on their comms but I honestly cannot keep up with it right now. Feel free to ask me for updates whenever! 

All these prices change depending on complexity !
Chibi style ferals&anthros $20-$30
Doggo YCH - Closed by NishipuYch 28 Dog anthro - Closed by Nishipu
Chibi style humans $25-$35
Ych 14 Closed by Nishipu
Normal Human & Anthro Bust $35-$50
Whens the last time I did an art trade wow by Nishipu
Semi-custom outfits and/or characters $80
-Where I make a humanoid/anthro version of your feral oc ! OR the other way human -> feral lol
-You can give me basic vague ideas of what you have in mind but that will be all.  This 'custom' is basically closer to a gatcha than custom ha. You leave most of the ideas to me.  
Please pick one of the poses ! It will be drawn on that. As for ferals, I do not yet have an example pose lolol 
Pose Example by Nishipu
These are a bit older so it may be different :
Custom #1 by Nishipu custom #5 by Nishipu Custom #6 by Nishipu Custom #7 by Nishipu Custom #8 by Nishipu
Which Pokemons should I pick? x'D 
Theres too many, Im struggling here hhhh
All here reduced to $30! Cx
And last one wow Set price adopts Closed by Nishipu
Set price adopts closed by Nishipu
Anthro adopt - Set price - closed by Nishipu

Adopt batch set price closed by Nishipu
Set price adopts - closed by Nishipu
Been awhile since vac haha
But yea, just letting you guys know Ill be gone for 7-12 days starting tomorrow ! 
What would you like it to be? xD not saying I am right soon, but probably in the near future!
I know I've been asked a lot about custom clothings but I'm not very good with those so WHEEZES
AAA YES I havent done these in forever 
But as the title says, anyone up for collab adopts with me?

Im leaning towards more on the coloring side than lineart right now but that could change! 
It can be just one adopt, or more w/e
human/monster/doges/ w/e
We both make one lineart each-switch-and color each others , w/e

Show me some examples of what youve got ! >u < What your strong/weak points are etc ! 
I may pick 2-5 , depending on how heavy the load is in general.
 HEADS UP THO, Im not the fastest person around LAUGHS If you cant wait, dont collab with me, youll die :thumbsup: And this isnt my top priority so I will be working on comms and other things instead at times.
I know this questions been asked so many times hur
But Ive been stuck in an art block for 1-2 weeks now, and its driving me insane orz But most of all i cant afford to not be making $$ somehow sdklajfsd
I cant seem to make any adopts, work on comms, not even doodle BLEUGHHHH ITS SO FRUSTRATING ASKDJF
Music doesnt help, aimless doodling doesnt, looking at other peoples work doesnt either CRIES A RIVER I WISH THIS WOULD GO AWAYYYYYY
Friend of mines re-selling some pretty babes! I love them all omfg //cries The moment someone has hella similar tastes as you //cri

<da:thumb id="686901074"/><da:thumb id="686901074"/>