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I aint paying for this

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Oh man i havent posted here in a while, the months have been flying by kajhsdgf Thought I'd repost this here tho e v e
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Hopping onto the train of the 1-word adopts >: D It'll give me something to work on inbetween comms as a break >:3 As the title states, I will make a design based off a single word of your choosing. Pls keep in mind I may interpret a word way differently as you may imagine possibly :"3 ♣ $27 each ♣ Give me a single word ♣ Will be done on my new base, which comes with multiple parts/pieces so expect a change in silhouette (such as diff ears, eyes, tail , etc) ♣ Turnaround time should be anywhere between a few days, in rare cases a month at most ♣ Finished examples ^^^ ♣ Paypal only ♣ I will list the claimed words below - Dawn - Alexandrite - Moon - Confetti - Galaxy
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Going to be away from my main PC for a few days, but bringing my tablet SOOOO Im hoping I can keep myself a lil busy over there with small bust sketches ovo A lil cheaper than my usual too Finished piece will be like the middle image, with the colorful gradient ovo Pls keep in mind my sketches can vary day by day so it may be rougher/cleaner $25 each or 5 for $100 Im up for any kind of character mostly ovo
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Hiya! Just found this, gave ya a watch!


Hey I'm just curious, but your twitter started spamming links for NFTs. Did you get hacked...?

ASKJDGFLJ thanks for letting me know ! ;v; Yeah i guess it did get hacked u g h what a pain in the ass

Oh no!!! I'm so sorry. QQ I figured you wouldn't just... randomly be supporting that bullshit, though. Good luck in getting it back, friend!!

yeah no xD tysm for mentioning it ! Ive been out of the house for half the month so I def wouldnt have noticed it till recently x w x

Hello! I had a small question :0c

I can DM you if you'd like, so I don't fill up your comment section u7u

Yeah sure ! DM works ty Cx