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Stellar Selebration

I couldn't think of a word for birthday that started with an S, and I love the long forgotten word stellar, so there ya go.

I haven't come out with anything lately, especially because I haven't come out with anything serious, well done, or classy-ish... so here, I think I finally got his character to look a little more normal because everyone knows I never get it right (Especially the eyes). @.@ And yup, I do love random backgrounds, so I made a busy space one which is probably too distracting, but I liked making it. :aww:

So anyways, happy birthday Mister Tobers! :3

Toby belongs to +tobyf
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Whoa, this pic is amazing! O_O You made everything look so detailed. Great job on the background. The stars and constellations look awesome. I also like how everything is colorful, how many of the objects have their own color. :) There are probably some other stuff that I missed, but you do a great job of pleasing others with yours gifts. Well done.
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Thank you very much! Even if I over do it, I like putting a lot in my pictures, sometimes it's intentional that some is missed... if you put a lot in, you can notice different things each time... and it's interesting seeing what stands out to others. :3 Even if I don't always succeed, I always want to try my best doing things for others... and that's part of what makes it fun. :B Thank you muchly again for all the kind words!
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Huh? Did I say that adding too much was a bad thing? Sorry if I implied that. ^^;
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No no, you didn't at all! A lot of people say that though, and I know what they mean, but I like it. ^^ I just mentioned that because you added in a comment that shows what I like about adding to much into a picture. Sorry for the confusion! X3
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Holy crap o.o;;; The shading, man, the shading~ o.o;;;

*looks at Toby's long reply and feels bad for having nothing more to say*
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Thanks. X3 Yes, he surely has a way with words, don't worry though, you give out comments like that at times too... most has just been covered already. X3
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Aiee, how cute! I love all the random details @_@
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Wow, so much entricate detail in every do you do the fur? or did you just pratice pratice pratice?

right now I suck at drawing hair,cloths,fur and hands ><
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Just practicing. ^^ Basically, you get a base color for the part you want to be fur, then you either use the air brush tool or color and blur to have light and dark areas on the base color, and then I use a pen tool at size 0.1 and create each strand of fur. :B Not too difficult. ^^;

From your flashes you're not all that bad as an artist, though I'm sure those were for fun rather than serious, I'm sure you're still quite good. :3
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hehe cute! nice fuzziness.
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0.0 Certainly unusual... but then again who wouldn't want to have a birthday party in the middle of space, eh? I don't know what kind of space this is though... Anyway, it's a fabulous picture and I really like the the furry texture you put on Mr. Tobias. Just don't let the cake float away, though.
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Thank you sir! I just guessed space would be a good place to go with the word stellar, because that's the order I work in. :B Very nice to see you around again. =) *Chases after floating cake*
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...plently of words come to mind as I look at this pic, but I can't put them in the right order due to laziness/sleepiness. @_@

Here be them words:

Insane, crazy, major, niceness, cute, funny, wicked, superb and... and... shuffy! :ninja:
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Lmao, Shuffy, that's a new one. Thank you for the kind words (Literally :B).
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whoooa, this is certainly a busy picture. ^^ I adore how toby came out, with the line shading. And nishi looks adorable, chasing a cake. :giggle: The shading on nishi looks fabulous, and even though the background is a bit too busy for my taste, the picture overall was nicely done. Keep up he great work. :heart:
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Finally, some one else thought it was busy too (Or at least got to mentioning it)! X3 Thank you for the flattering comment and such very much. :aww:
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That's pretty damn cool. Wish there was a larger version.
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Lmao, thanks, with so many suggestions of a larger size I should probably listen. =P
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woah man, this pic is really beautiful reflected and detailed with the colours. And the skin styles is just, "eye-credible".
The spacebackground (wish I think is the beutifullest backgrounds in the reality ever) is really hardworked from ya cuz it LOOKS suprised real :).
And wha't I say or write, is that I'm glad that u've layed down real time at ya works cuz of ma persuades.

"Just kidding with ya" :D.

Anyway, keep up the good work nishi ^_^.
nishi's avatar
Thank you very much, that's totally flattering. :aww: I was hoping to make it look pretty, so thanks to you I feel like that worked. =)
And each time someone like you says they like my art, that makes me happier to submit it, so thank you. =)
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thats a truly an amazing piece, i find this the most outstanding out of all ur other artwork. i love itXD, and i do miss u im sorry i havent been on as long, its cuz i am busy with university applications
MilesTailsPrower-007's avatar
Holy gee! O_____O;;

You honestly ought to be getting a little more attention for your CG work. You write great comments, and your CG skills are looking amazing now. Very creative title on this. Interesting way to spell 'celebration', too. XD Hehe.

I think it can definatly be said that the background for this is just as full of life as the characters. The rainbow, the constellations (complete with connect-the-dot look so we can tell what they are! ^^), planets and everything else add some creativity and spunk to this. Nishi is even floating after that cake..!

Toby looks cool, too. You did a good job of making him look fuzzy. I like his dressy attire. =] Both characters look really lively in what they're doing, and the whole picture comes together really well.

Happy birthday to Toby! ^__^

Excellent piece of work, Nishi. Very well worth your time, and I love the way this is done all in color with no visable outlines.
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Aw shucks, ma'am, you're way flattering. ^^ And I was just uncreative enough to fetch a real word, so the picture got a fake one instead. :bucktooth: Yay someone noticed his semi-fancy-shmancy clothes! X3 Thank you vury much for your kind words and commentary. ^^
MilesTailsPrower-007's avatar
Aww, you're welcome, buddy ^___^ It's kinda hard to ignore the dressiness of Toby's cuffs and bowtie, too. Hehe.
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