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Once was a yoshi, now mostly just a hamster. I pose a lot of art on tumblr - a lot of it is mature, so be advised!

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Haha, maybe others have noticed this but... are we sure the number of views on DeviantArt are accurate?? Like it used to be months ago that I'd rarely post on Deviantart because I could get like 20 views on a thing. Over time, like months, it could get into the hundreds after enough people searching and viewing... But now, myself and others are often getting 400+, 1K, or 2K in a single day or two?? It's maybe a big of a problem that they round page views to the nearest K up or down... I think most of us wanna know the exact number so we can keep track. But yeah, that sure doesn't sound right. Especially if we still only get a few views, favorites, and comments after hundreds or thousands of views? Like... is it bots or a glitch? Definitely one or the other. owo Anyone else noticing this kinda thing?
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Hello, small journal - hope you're all doing well and staying safe! I've been working from home the last few months, likely going back soon, still working on Boxer Beats and another RPG story I'll be sharing eventually! Also been Animal Crossing obsessed with almost 420 hours, so feel free to add me on the Switch! (7486-4715-6690) Maybe I should make an art comic about this, but for now, text: I hope people can imagine the things that I would draw, and know that maybe eventually I will! If there's something cool you'd like seen in my style, or something you kinda wanna see me draw but are polite enough not to ask (thank you!), whether it's something I like and you know I'm into, or something I've never heard of or might not even enjoy personally - I hope people at least sense the potential not just for myself, but every other artist and writer out there! There are so many ideas I have, and so many ideas other people would like to see - and then there's the reality of how much stuff
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Yo! For my birthday, I'm opening up a site for Boxer Beats! I'll be posting art and stories for my characters both here, and on my own website, just as an easy way to keep it organized. :3 I added some extra stuff there too like character bios, a cool VN my friend Reiku made where you can date the characters, and an oekaki! Inspired by Miiverse, I wanted folks to be able to respond to posts with drawn comments. But that was complicated, so Bosky helped me set up an oekaki (thanks to Waccoon!) - so folks can draw stuff and post there! He helped set up cool pixel pallets and stuff
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Thank you for faving my "little" rabbit!

Happy birthday Nishi! Hope you have a great day! birthday cake

So are we cool then? I should have asked first in all and I'm sorry I've been through a rough time that I've been tested Positive for Covid for couple of weeks ago and now been recovered, and since then been going back to work at my job which I feel like I should quit because it doesn't suit me, been interrupted alot despite I'm still kinda sick from the Pneumonia which I still have, which I can tell from the coughing. Just to make sure that I already removed that picture and did asked through notes. I'm sorry if that hurt you for posting that picture in all and I should have asked and your right it's not cool to steal the picture and not asking permission, I was confused earlier I'm still new on the posting stuff in all.😢
Sorry I should have ask when I saw the the one without the color and decided to color it. I have it deleted and then ask I you if it's okay if I can reloaded once I ask your permission first, if that's okay?

Thanks for the fave! wink :P

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