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Good hands

By Nisego
With the release of Smash Bros and new graphics something came to my mind. Long time I did not see a version of Rockman so nice. The poor boy had been badly treated these last years and I felt great pity for the character. Thank God that Nintendo took it and returned the image it deserves.

Now there is nothing to worry about my friend, you're in good hands ...

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Aww. It looks like she's comforting a younger sib, very cute.

(Cue smash ultimate Ridely Reveal trailer)

Samus: ... why do I suck at keeping people safe? I SWEAR THIS HAPPENS EVERYTIME!!!

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oh no whats gonna happen

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looks like 8 year old me getting hugged my a busty woman

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I really REALLY wish Samus did that to Lucas. :cries:

Absolutely love this pic man. Both Mega Man and Metroid where a part of my childhood

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Zero Suit Samus Super Smash Brothers Ultimate - Zero-Suit Samus 
Mega Man Super Smash Brothers Ultimate - Mega Man Icon 
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That... is... ABSOLUTELY SUPER GIGA MEGA GIGANTIC ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pikachu want it 
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Megaman going to die of cuteness overload...
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ADORABLE! Just dont let bass know mmmmmk?
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This is adorable!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!Thumbs Up [F2U] Shiro Thumbs Up Icon 
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God this ship is adorable
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This is just too precious! Why is Megaman so darn cute!?
I love this so much
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I'm showing your pic to my friend. I'll definitely be sure to give you all the credit! 
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sweet ^^ lucky little boy :D
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Megaman: I still can't believe they forgot about me... ( Is moping on the ground when Samus come up)

Samus: Come on little guy cheer up, I've been pushed aside by my makers to.

Megaman: But why though I was there biggest sale, it's just stupid!

Samus: Exactly, it was stupid to abandon such a pair of brilliantly molded heroes like us., that was their biggest mistake.

Megaman: But what will I do until they change their minds?

( Walks behind to hug him) Samus: It's alright Mega you have a new family in now, in the Smash arena and me!

( Blushes while almost popping a circuit) Megaman: Thanks Samus, you're the best.

( Turns to hug the woman back)
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I don’t ship Megaman x Samus, but this is gud
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This is just so adorable and well drawn, I actually ship it thanks to this now! great job!
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