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Ravan : The Ultimate conqueror

By Nisachar
... or the sacking of Indralok
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Bhai Fil Jeet Liyo ❤️❤️❤️🤗

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amazing..just amazing
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What a boss. Awesome artwork !
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Wow! This is the best and the most badass Rahvana that I ever saw.
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Is he the ultimate because he conquered himself?
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All I can say is...

What a godly mustache.
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Amaeing dude!! You must have been asked, but are the limbs and heads around ennemies he vanquished, or something else? They look same as his face.
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Thats because they are his own heads... and his hands.

Also.. thanks.
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Ravana from the Ramayana...Your skills as an artist are inspiring. Keep up the amazing artwork!
This is a true visual feast! And a BEAST! words are less to describe this piece of art. Marvellous would be an understatement.
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you've read lord of light right?
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I did, after references to it cropped up every now and then after my 18 days art went public. Not sure how the theme relates to my work but I suppose people identify the images with the story. 

Funny thing is I see the images of Lord of Light entirely different in my head than what I have done so far on Hindu mythology.
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I waited twenty seconds before deciding that i cannot possibly comeup with words that would describe exactly how awesome this deviation is.
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WOW ! What a great artwork :O !
Amazing surrealistic perspectivefull picture, the amount of details is AMAZING !

Amazingly done, you totally deserved the DD Nod +fav Clap Clap !
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:jawdrop: I nearly crapped my pants when I saw this. Great job.
Awesome.  Imagine the person who defeated this guy !  Vali beat Ravana easily.  Vali was the son of Indra and Aruni.  People often draw him as a silly monkey.  I think you should draw Vali in your awesome imagination.  The person who defeated Ravana so easily should be a monster.
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Wow. This is one of the most impressive pieces I've ever seen on DA. Simply mind-blowing!
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I can only imagine how long this took to do. Great work
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