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Easily the best part of the comics well done they are beautiful
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I just read through the novel and I have to say, I loved it very much. The art was so ahead of its time, with colorful feathered dinos that acted like animals instead of movie monsters. You are a very skilled artist nowadays too. Props to you, my good fellow!
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Amazing,and you say this will be in a movie?
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You mean a non-documentary film is going to be released, and is going to feature motherfucking feathered dinosaurs ?
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Sweet! It even has feathers!
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Freaking love Dinosaurs vs. Aliens. The artwork is both accurate, and tells a story that can be read even without worlds.

Plus Sailback is a badass Spino. Just sayin'.
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Also, I made a comic about a raptor.
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The second best raptor I've ever seen. The firsts are the Dinosaur Revolution's raptors
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Need to change the articulation of the wrists... Pronation was not and is not possible in dinosaurs - avian and non avian alike. Something that REALLY needs to be addressed in movies/comics/etc
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In fairness, the colours are also crazy, this is, after all, a fictional dromeosaurid, but it does embrace feathers which is admirable.
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You are right. Should have paid attention to it. But it is done and dusted as a project and I can't go back and correct it in the books.
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I still have to say, after looking through the whole album, that is some very cool work.
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Wow, this is awesome!
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Awesome work! :iconthumbsupplz:
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that's amazing. And the choice of colors is great, they make the dinosaur brilliant, beautiful to see, yet scaring!
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Hi rotatoespotatoes, thanks ! :D

This sketch and another one that I did for scar ( The Allosaur with the Triceratops crown ) were the ones that I felt nailed the look I was seeking.
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best raptor ever! you are my hero
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