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MBX XTRA Karna-Vs-Ghatotkach - Winner Loses all

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Of blood-red eyes, Ghatotkacha was of gigantic form. His face was of the hue of copper. His belly was low and sunken. The bristles on his body all pointed upwards. His head was green. His ears were like arrows. His cheek-bones were high. His mouth was large, extending from ear to ear. His teeth were keen, and four of these were high and pointed. His tongue and lips were very long and of a coppery hue. His brows were long-extending. His nose was thick. His body was blue, and neck red. Tall as a hill, he was terrible to behold. Of gigantic frame, gigantic arms, and gigantic head, he was endued with great might. Ugly and of hard limbs, the hair on his head was tied upwards in a frightful shape. His hips were large and his navel was deep. Of gigantic frame, the circumference of his body, however, was not great. The ornaments on his arms were proportionate. Possessed of great powers of illusion, he was decked also in Angadas. He wore a cuirass on his breast like a circle of fire on the breast of a mountain. On his head was a bright and beautiful diadem made of gold, with every part proportionate and beautiful, and looking like an arch. His ear-rings were bright as the morning sun, and his garlands were made of gold and exceedingly bright. He had on his body a gigantic armour of brass of great effulgence.

This looks and feels real and the energy it has is amazing

My mind is blown by this artwork. Please let me know if it is possible to get this in a higher resolution! :(

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i am falling short of words to praise this illustration!!!

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Your sci-fi "relecture" of indian myths is very impressive. Well done!
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great jobs man
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Beautifully detailed and technical art. 
Colour pallet  spot on. Great gallery. Alan.
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Absolutely mind blowing!!!!
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Oh my god, you are the real deal. Astonishing, everything. I wish someday you make some work based on Homer's Illiad or Greek mythology. Again, thanks for sharing your wonderful works with us
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its really great work...
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extraordinary talent 
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You are a... terrifying artist. I am in awe of your works.
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wow I like the composition  & lightings awesome
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OMG. This is great! <333
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I just can't get my head around your workflow for masterpieces like these. Dyou traditionally draw them out on paper before you digitize them? It's just amazing!
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Hi Rahul,

All the work is done digitally though I may do roughs on paper at times.
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Divine art, you were inspired, no doubt!
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One of my fav among your works. I love your design for Karna, fits well his real identity. I assume he's got golden hair after his father? Since I've seen this image I see him in your way while reading. Even at my attempts to watch the old Mahabharat tv series I know that in real Karna does look different, like you painted him here ;) Again I find armour details and weapons fascinating. Ghatotkach looks great, too.
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