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No this is what I call patience lol! Amazing details and layout!!

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hi where can i find the high resolution image of this ?i would love to have it tattooed on me permanently,with obvious credits to the artist please help me
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You are the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great Work mate
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MIND BLOWN...a colour version?
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That is impressive!
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Awesome..Love Clap 
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Mind-blowing detail. Gorgeous!
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Holy cow, the detail is amazing!!!
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Wowowowow!! :O :O I seriously wish to draw like this someday!!! 
very nice, if I am not wng is it, Krishna and Arjuna on the battle filed.

Would love to see in colors 
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Christ on a bicycle!
Propers and then some!
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This is so well done! I love it :D (Big Grin)
Can't wait for the it finished Clap
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Holy #$@!! this is frigging brilliant! How did you manage to pull this of?!
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You Are So Great!!!!!!Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hari Krishna! ) That's really cool.
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This is Astonishingly Jaw-dropping !!! Have no words to describe it Mukesh !  You've taken Indian Mythology to a whole new level. How many days did you take to complete it, including the layouts?
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Thanks, Abhishek. The layouts took 2 days, the inks about 5-6 Working days.
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Superb..Work Master..what is images full size and resolution????
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WOW! just WOW....
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