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Bheeshma Cover

Cover done for Bheeshma by Holy cow Ent.
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fabulous art! great imagination! but Bhishma is the oldest guy in Mahabharata with the awesome beard. without both he doesn't even look like a warrior. That's my thoughts. 
FastPaint's avatar
Brilliant art. Your composition, detail, colour. 
martinplsko's avatar
Beautiful and wonderful. Apart from all that excellent detail and coloring, I really love how you did the male face and hands, fingers, exquisite linework!
Dorshiffe's avatar
aryan indian, new breed, straight from the deep web, buy yours now.

nice painting btw
Samashel's avatar
the emotions transpires from the colors and lines
zevl's avatar
Strong atmosphere.
Esoteric319's avatar
I want to use some explicit innuendos to describe what I am feeling after seeing this beautiful piece, but that would be inappropriate. Just as a fabulous artwork. Awesome. Emotionally stimulating. It would have been even more awesome to see a bearded Bheeshma, not that it takes away anything from the work! Sublime. :)
Bhargav08's avatar
This is the most creative portrayal of Bhishma's fall. You've nicely shown the emotional symbol of Mother's love. Mother holding her son when he really needs her support. After enduring so much pain for his entire life, finally time comes when he can retire from his duties and responsibilities towards the throne of Hastinapur. Finally retire in mother's arms. Beautifully portrayed. I always admire your arts for your creative thinking. But this time admiration goes for emotional perspective.

Fantastic! :)
Skillionaire's avatar
The only one crtique i have of this is age of the character in the drawing. Wasnt Bheesma an old man it seems you've portrayed him as a younger guy.

...not that i'm complaining, the composition looks amazing!
Skillionaire's avatar
im so happy right now :)
This is great! But what's the story: Bhisma is downed by Arjuna.....  is that Ganga holding Bhisma?
Nisachar's avatar
Yes. Symbolic.
dejan-delic's avatar
Beautiful. Idea, colors, composition. Everything.
4Anurag's avatar
Spectacular and.. sad!
Pitamaha ;___; The end of his story is so sad. But your art makes even such tragic moment look great. And I like little babbles in her wates and all the details as usual!
Clareesi's avatar
Amazing! And yet sad also. Nice work!
shashishekhar's avatar
shitt!! I just saw this at mumbai comic con, but didn't see you.
trapdaar's avatar
Bheeshma looks like a roman solider. But otherwise, excellent piece of art. Very imaginative!
GreyAreaRK1's avatar
Wonderful design, colours.
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