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So I decided to completely redo the comic, and I like this one SO much more than the previous one. XD I practically put my blood sweat and tears into this one. >.> Well, not really. But I think this one will look much nicer.

Previous Entry:

So I thought Axel would just love to tell Roxas such a joke for multiple reasons:

1. It's hilarious on its own (least he thinks so.)
2. #9 is Demyx and probably the only member (other than Roxas) that he can make fun of.
3. It's a joke befitting Saix.
4. ...It has the number eight in it.

OMG, so this is probably my first fanart in a LONG time and I love the comic idea for it. >w<

I'm sure some of those words up there can't be read so I'll put down what it says up there.

A: "Yo Roxas!"
R: "What?"
A: "Wanna hear a joke I heard?"
R: "Do I have a choice?"
A: "So, why is Six afraid of Seven?"
R: "Well, I don't know, Axel. Why? (Thinking: Wasn't he telling a joke?)"
A: "Because, Seven Eight Nine!! Lol! Got it memorized?!"
R: "(Imagining Demyx getting eaten by Saix) Oh god, Demyx! No!"


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