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Fallout cosplay

By Niruzu
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Fallout 3/NV cosplay.

Made of practically nothing but intermediate goods; all visual appropriation (staining, weathering, painting) done by me.

The coat was custom-made by a californian leather company whose name I can't recall; the Pipboy-3000 appropriated using the Pipboy-clock from the Collector's Edition of Fallout 3 with an iPod Touch as the display. Tiny speaker kept in beltpouch supplied a constant stream of GNR-goodness. Portable batterypacks kept both appliances running for over 12 hours.

Glasses are perscription, so no hating over the indoor-use. Also: I vanted orange, it gavf me lemon-lime.
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Sturges said that duck tape probably doesn't fix bullet wounds... seems like he might be wrong.
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I am proud. So very proud.
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Wow, niruzzzu. ima like yo best fan niruzu
call later ok
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I likes it~

Very nicely done!
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This has to be the greatest Cosplay that I've seen for Fallout, It's badass and i love it, Epic job :)
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he looks better, then any cosplay i have ever seen : )
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my first thought, too
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This is one of the greatest cosplay I've seen for Fallout so far! Great job! :)
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This will be featured on my blog about GOOD COSPLAY XD
Check it out here: [link]
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Thanks for all the positive feedback, everyone!
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You need to post more pics, I'm currently painting my pip-boy and this is by far the best fallout 3 cosplay I've seen!
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Sadly, I don't have that many pictures of this getup, and they mostly looked the same anyway - but I'll see what I can do.
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I think I died inside. <3
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FUCKING A nicly done dude
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this awesome me and my friend have plans to do some kind of fallout 3 costumes next year and its gonna be awesome
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My favorite fallout cosplay, my props to you my friend.
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Tanta Stima!!!!
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Awesome execution, very believable!
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That's some epic cosplay~
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This is freaking epic
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