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Wed Apr 18, 2018, 4:56 AM
Here it is, the next Feature Journal!
If you're one of my watchers and you'd like to be featured in the next one, just leave a comment or PM me. :) (Smile) 

And as always, have fun and spread some love! +favlove 

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Shima-gift by Nishikku  AXEL GEAR 2010 -Digital Remake- by KokoaMinto  Sunday Morning by ngocthanh1103  Pewdiepie Fanart by piecetou  Eirik and Mana by daydiutte  Yandere Love? by leyana24  Factorio by Godyna  Minds Rising by LoganWaldenArt  Fox by fishsgum  Patos by kakaangra  Cosmicfrag1 Nirthiene by nirthiene  Dancing with myself by Ria-Leva  kouha ren fanart by Zomuchan  Heavy by Vanillian-Grimm  Earth Elemental - Tiziana F. Ruiu by TizianaFR  pool party zoe by esme-higurachii <da:thumb id="738365951"/>  Origami Koi by Maybellez  Peach by Iiniqli  Oof by ChickenGushers  steins gate trio by Rvuap  Study by diplo52  Lacia by Nyanoha  Scribble by Kyle7-7  Kaori by Takaramiyatsumoto  Amumu by DodoFoxx  The lonely witch by Juliette001  Yoshi's True Demon Form by FireBlazingStriker  The Longing by Julia-Brickley  Utena by peachpururu  Cross Stitch for Gamers by Kiaibo 

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I just recently stumbled upon this guy's profile. :iconassasinmonkey:
He's doing a lot of MLP related stuff, but one thing stood out for me. His Work-In-Progress gallery folder!

It's got a lot of great WIPs and Making-Ofs and from what I've seen, I can really recommend checking it out! Especially for those of you, who want to improve their skills in rendering, values and shading/lighting. I will probably have a deeper look in his WIP-folder during the next couple of weeks as well, since I think there's a lot of good stuff in there to learn from.

Click on image to get to the WIPs:

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Real Life. 

Back soon. 


.. please have Mercy. 

Mercy Eyebrows 
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Hi everyone!

I just wanted to do a quick info-journal on what is going on. 

  • Yes, my new project has yet to be shown. Reason for the delay is 1. me not being entirely finished with the planning phase (which I think is important), 2. private reasons and a relocation (I'm moving to Hamburg - the city I was born - again soon). As for the project, I will try my best to provide you with information more frequently. 

  • Apart from that I want to start uploading 1 fan-art per month in 2018. These can be related to games, movies or even real life. I've already made a little list with things I'd like to do fan-art for. If you've got any suggestions, of course those are always welcome too (I will add things I like to my list). 

  • Regarding my YouTube channel (see social links): I will start uploading something this year. I will have to upgrade and buy some things beforehand to ensure some quality though. I don't want the videos to be too unprofessional and unplanned. Expect the first video to be uploaded at some time this summer. 

See you in the next journal! 


Thu Jan 11, 2018, 6:05 AM

Here are some more deviations from deviants, who haven't got too much of a following yet. 
Look around and support one another by visiting, commenting, faving, and/or watching. 
(Of course donating points can be an additional way of support.)

RWBY Gif - Ozpin 2
Have fun!


<da:thumb id="724531142"/>  Ovni - Aquarium Treasure by CharuNikkoo  The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Fan Art by mad-Panda-Lady  Gift 52 for Ohtani by KokoaMinto  Shadow The Hedgehog in Sonic Boom Style by SallyAcornLover4Life  Angelrose - Karasu no shugo Tenshi - Birthday-Gift by Luna42  Prequel: Artbook project/ Bimaco 2017 by Nishikku  lightning practice3 by PaD12  Reise Reise by 0Mini <da:thumb id="721342831"/>  Dragon People by Yahga  Flesh Tinkerers 3/4 - Combat Vehicle by HerculeDevantrien  Into the Fiery Cave by VITOGH  Beautiful Thing by popsis15 <da:thumb id="724989906"/>  Finally finish the hell this piece by KoDoKuArt  Penguins by DasFarbspiel  Overwatch Symmetra Dragon skin drawing by fouadzahiri  No. 6 - Nezumi by Hayden1713  Ominous Senpai by LracxZinkxzink  Bianca Bullock - Sketch by Zismo-W  Adam Jensen by alineshenon  SCP by dewery2539  Forest Moon by artiststudio-us  PRINCESS (Clash Royale fanart) by 1NFIN1TY  The journey by CorsoTheBlind  The Gang by SeNaeke  Lone by Tourukun  THE DEVIL'S EYES by LollyMellory  31 by Bp99  we dem boyz by honeyhalo  Rhiannon the Shadow Searcher by sakidouu  Affe by SaranaAi  (dc) concept3 by mark-in-the-park  Come Fly With Me (HTTYD) by thebadgerfoxdraws  Lipa by CreamlyFoxy  inktober day 18 filthy by LiquefyTheChimera  Blutspinne (arachnophobia warning) by pasupatidasi  Flareon by imge1608  Kill_me by Ayrin99  Art Gift: Opal by Lunaritia <da:thumb id="724758970"/>  Hamtaro and Bijou by FoxyLu15  A Race in the Botanical Gardens by ForeverSavior <da:thumb id="722197650"/>  Overseer by Ciclobot  G.I.D Crew by momo-chanpreteen  C 1 .  Leaving everything by NaroArt  get out by xPIXDALEx  Bug Squad by pyraker  Cutie by Repesso  Yozora Render: Beautiful Beach Girl by IdolRenders  2134k12 by Ksyron  Megumin Bg by RingoKajuen  Exorcism by Hextroyal  Max as a Pokemon by Maria-and-Zoh  Jolteon by yueest  Seagull Turf by DONETRIUS  Venonspiderart by sdooley 


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check out :iconredspotsylphina: RedSpotSylphina !
He's an indie game developer and focuses on the Cyberpunk genre.
His works range from digital paintings and 3D to game-art and updates of his game developments.

You can also check out his Cyberpunk stealth-game "Glasswinged Ascension" on Steam. (:

Remastered Harbinger (if it had a human form in Ma by RedSpotSylphina

See you in the next one,
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Devious Journal Entry

Sun Dec 31, 2017, 6:13 AM


Stay creative and see you very soon! 

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Fri Dec 29, 2017, 8:00 AM




check out :iconbeakachuanimations: BeakachuAnimations ! She's a young digital artist and has a diverse gallery. 
She also tries out new things and currently studies some environments. 

Octopus by BeakachuAnimations

Apollyon by BeakachuAnimations

Pinned ya! by BeakachuAnimations

"Check out ... #1" will be the first Journal of its kind. In the near future I will feature some more deviants, especially those who has been most supportive and/or active on my DA page. :) 

See you in the next one, 
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Sun Dec 24, 2017, 7:38 AM
Hey everyone!

First of all:

MERRY XMAS to all of you! 

No matter where or how you celebrate this time of the year, I wish you all the best and a nice day with family and/or friends! 
Since I don't have a special christmas-pic prepared, I just picked a few random deviations for you to enjoy here. If you've made a winter or christmas related deviation as well and wanna be in this journal, just let me know and I'll add your pic to the collection below. 

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christmas hamster by Thunderi  Tea time by Nieris  Xmas 2017 by redeyehare  #132 Christmas Cuddles by DasFarbspiel  merry christmas by future--art  Miss home by snatti89  xmas-2017 by shichigoro756  Eevee by foxlett  RWBY Christmas Fan Poster - Ruby by RaidenRaider  Daily Paint 1846# Snowball by Cryptid-Creations  Woods by Eemeling  Murderous Santabot by HerculeDevantrien 

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Also check out these super-crazy yet super-awesome Christmas-cribs. :D (Big Grin) 
Photos taken by 

Dyker Heights,Brooklyn,NY (1) by yianouras  Dyker Heights,Brooklyn,NY (3) by yianouras  Dyker Heights,Brooklyn,NY (9) by yianouras  Dyker Heights,Brooklyn,NY (7) by yianouras  Dyker Heights,Brooklyn,NY (11) by yianouras  Dyker Heights,Brooklyn,NY (13) by yianouras  Dyker Heights,Brooklyn,NY (14) by yianouras  Dyker Heights,Brooklyn,NY (15) by yianouras  Dyker Heights,Brooklyn,NY (18) by yianouras  Christmas house,Flower Hill,Long Island,NY by yianouras 

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Happy holidays! :) (Smile) 

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Mon Dec 18, 2017, 7:08 PM
Since not everyone of you knows about my game concept projects - especially my new watchers - I decided to make this info-journal with an introduction to my main-projects.
Also I'm planning to update this overview everytime a new project is completed. 

Please note, that these are all my own ideas, ergo do not copy and/or use commercially. 
If you'd like to link/feature them on DA or share for fun, you can do that though. 

So here are my main-projects so far (newest to oldest): 

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Genre: Action/Fun
Setting: Tekyo (alternative Tokyo)
Time: Near future
Players: 1

In this game concept you play as a teenage girl, who just moved to the fictional futuristic city Tekyo (loosely based on Tokyo). Although her parents are living quite wealthy, when she was a little child she never got what she wanted. NEVER.
Her frustration has now reached a new pinnacle. And since she doesn't have a real job either, she runs "amok".
Her target: All the shopping streets, stores and malls she can find in Tekyo!
Her mission: Collecting all the stuff she always wanted by snatching as many shopping bags from people as she can. :D

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Genre: Survival-Horror/Shooter
Setting: Desert Canyons of Utah, Secret Underground-Facility
Time: Present
Players: 1 (online 2-?)

This game concept revolves around a secret base where you play as a normal worker. But he as well as all his co-workers have no clue, what's really going on in the lower parts of the facility. Only a small group of well educated professors and special members have access to the most secret information. Truth is, the real purpose of the facility is to experiment with genes of real dinosaurs and humans to create a new form of dangerous yet intelligent hybrids to eventually send them into war. 
One day there is a fatal incident in the deep labs, which causes a chain reaction of events. Unfortunately in this particular moment the protagonist is pretty close to that area and has to fight his way through partially destroyed parts of the base to get back to the surface. On his way he gets attacked by mutated enemies and finds weapons as well as clues about the whole secrecy. 

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Genre: Racing-RPG-Fusion
Setting: Planet Io, Megapol (as main city)/Outbacks
Time: Far future
Players: 1

This game concept is a remake of a very old racing-game called "POD (Planet Of Death)" by Ubisoft. I really liked the atmosphere and the whole setting of the game, although the best thing was: It had a story! A dark story involving a deadly virus and a dying planet, which added even more motivation to win those races. 
For my new version and vision of the game though, I wanted to do something I've had in mind for a long time already: Combining a racing-game with an adventure/RPG type of game. This is how I imagine it: You've got an open-world, which the player is able to explore by foot. He's also able to use vehicles (although maybe not every vehicle). You've got an interesting back-story to increase the immersion. The player can talk to people, visit stores, garages and more. To build, repair or add things to his personal vehicle(s), he can search for and collect different things/materials from deserted locations (e.g. dumping grounds, abandoned housings, harbour, ..). 
Apart from this free-mode experience the central theme of the story are the races and eventually the main racing-event where the player has to fight - life or death - to get the last spot in the escape rocket, since at this point the virus is unstoppable - and so is the end of this planet's civilisation. 

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Sat Dec 2, 2017, 10:54 AM

After this little introduction you'll find a bunch of deviations that I came to know or stumbled upon recently. All of them from deviants who haven't got too much watchers yet and therefor deserve at least some additional views. (: So go ahead and discover other fellow deviants right here! Show each other some love by looking around in each others galleries, commenting, faving. And if you like what you see, why not consider watching. (:

I will most likely do more features in the future, but for now..
RWBY Gif - Zwei


Apollyon by BeakachuAnimations <da:thumb id="679700177"/>  Tree of life landscape by mad-Panda-Lady  Rocket Knight x Golden Sun: FLORA and VINE 2 by KokoaMinto  Sally Acorn Blue Jeans USA Girl by SallyAcornLover4Life  Contest Topic 3 - Together - by Luna42  Skyblue Wings by Nishikku  Demon Portrait by PaD12  Guts by 0Mini  Those Lights! by DasFarbspiel  Mysterious Land by HerculeDevantrien  Responsibility by Jujoweh  maya the bunny drawing by fouadzahiri  HIM - Ville Valo by Freksama  Fairy Tail - Erza by Hayden1713  Martha heaven and saber by frankwestm1  Piplup by aumym-kun  Witch Vampire by Shadowtails-Derol  skydiver by Fiksara <da:thumb id="717451912"/>  Anatomy 94 by jof343  Untitled by JozefAHart  ain-elesis by aleurajan  Blackbeat by MaKo85  Abelas by Ekalita  Geometrical Girl by popsis15  Red Riding Hood by Rauelle  Inktober 2017 Day 27: Butterfly Wings by AquaVarin  Falling like a by Amamiya-Yuuko  Coming Ashore, vII by DevinQuigleyArt <da:thumb id="717919555"/>  Chill - Sketch by I-2035  Tiger Shark by designbeasties  Sunrise by Dreaming-Demon 


See you next time! (:

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Hi again!

- First of all, I'm currently (actively) working on a new project (comparable to my other projects "POD: Neo Dawn" and "Ex-Instinct", that you can see in my gallery). So you can expect something new in the first half of december! Nod 

- Also I'm planning to release a feature-journal really soon!! Gallery 
So if you're a deviant who hasn't got much watchers yet or who'd simply be happy to gain some more views, you can write a comment down below. If it's just a "yes i want to be featured"-comment, I will choose a piece from you gallery that I like. If you add 1-3 thumbs/deviation-links in your comment, it will be one of those.

Go ahead, be featured! Aww yeah

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1. Thank you for being part of my journey! I'm happy to have y'all, watching my stuff. :)

2. Thx for the llamas (23 more = Ninja-Llama. Almost there.. ^^). Llama Ninja

3. Thx to every visitor, just reached 5000 page views!

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Llamas are awesome! Every Deviant knows this.
My current Llama has a dream though, it wants to become a Ninja-Llama! To do so it has to train really hard, but in order to success it needs help - your help. :) So if you like what I'm doing and haven't already "llama'd" me, now is a great time to do so since I only need around 25 more Llamas to reach Ninja-Level.

Ninja Llama Badge

Thank you for your support and spread the llama-love. ^^

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Hey there! :) 

Just wanted to give you some info on what's going on right now.

So first of all, I'd like to start a new project pretty soon. At the moment I'm not yet sure what exactly this might be, but I'm trying to get some new ideas through brainstorming and scribbling.
If you're interested in seeing some of the scribbles, you can check them out on my Facebook page (uploads every weekend). In this stage it's still just random ideas like I said. Feel free to tell me what you think though!

Another thing that I will do during the next 2 weeks is participating in the "Fan Art Mashup Challenge" on DeviantART. I just tested their Generator and I think this should be fun. ;) Updates to follow!

The journey continues ..
Yang Xiao Long Smile (RWBY) 
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Hey guys'n'girls!

I just watched a Let's Player I'm subscribed to playing "Alice: Madness Returns" with American McGee himself as a guest talking about the development of it. Here's the YouTube link: Alice Madness Returns with Special Guest American McGee! (stream)

As I was watching it, I heard McGee mentioning his newest project called "Out Of The Woods". And it's actually not a video game, but a card game!
I looked it up and it looks pretty amazing! So I just had to share it with you. If you enjoy McGee's stuff and style (personally I think it's pretty cool), you probably gonna like this too. ;) I don't know much about the actual "gameplay" of it, but I guess it's worth it.

Project link: "OUT OF THE WOODS" Kickstarter

Btw: New little deviation-upload coming by the end of the week.

See you! :)
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Hi there!

Before starting a new project I've decided to finally re-draw one of my super old sketches, that I wanted to re-draw for a long time now.
Here you see the original one. Very old, very sketchy and rough.

As always you can follow its current progress on nirryc @ Facebook. Take a look. ;)

The finished "Draw-This-Again"-piece will be uploaded right here on DeviantART very soon.
Penny Polendina Salute (RWBY) 
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Hi guys, today I uploaded the final Gobmon-deviation.
If you haven't checked them all out already, you can do so below. ;)

Also feel free to tell me what you think in the comments and/or fave if you like. (:

The Gobmons by nirryc Gobmon #1 - Edgar by nirryc Gobmon #2 - Walter by nirryc Gobmon #3 - Frederik by nirryc

Enjoy! RWBY Gif - Yang 3

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Hi guys! How are you? :)

In case you wonder what's happening right now:
I'm currently working on three creature-portraits (I can't even tell what exactly they are, but I just call them "Gobmons", short for Goblin-Monsters). I use these drawings as a training to get better at colouring/lighting and volume. I do kind of a different approach, so the final ones might look a little different in comparison to my other stuff, but I really enjoy working on them.

(scribbles before rendering)

If you'd like to follow and see my progress, you can do so here:
Facebook nirryc on Facebook

Gobmons incoming! Destroy All Monsters - Minilla [Dance] [V.1]

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