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Exomoon Starfield (false colour 4K)

By nirklars
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Experimenting with stacking different images and exposures in a red dwarf system.
False exaggerated colours. Shadows from another moon (out of screen).

1920x1080 top right resized cropped:
1920x1080 properly resized version :
Original Colours:

Renders generated in SpaceEngine with edits.
Image size
4096x2160px 19.49 MB
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I can't get enough of these space images.  I love this, a little more variation in the color and texture of the planet would have been nice, but I suppose the atmosphere dulls that out anyways.
I have a plan to do a very similar image, but more chaotic and alien.  Then again I've been planning this piece for months and still can't accomplish as much as you have.  Well done, excellent work.
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The colour in this is greatly exaggerated just for effect.
Initially it was very red like this: