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6th DitaMortemi
12th MrsCullen
30th :devshadowremnants:


10th SkyResources
13th BurningDoll
15th complexptsd  
21st neverdeadnoralive
26th metalmonkey77


4th saturninevenfall
24th Serephinex


3rd Haseline
7th Epicwish
12th mergirlArt
20th coyotepam
22nd Pygar
29th KikuFire Josiane-Rey


1st Lordinator DarkMistressOfPain
2nd superboyjazz
5th MeliWallisdottir
11th emilieA
14th LestatImage-Stock
15th SerenityMoon9
17th brightii
19th nego7  
24th gsdark-stock
30th ShackledMuse SilvieT-Stock
31st AloneInUniverseArt


4th Elphane
6th nellaf
9th Wildfire2003
16h EmbrisionArts  
27th the-vicious-poet
29th Chanine1


3rd KuramasFox
8th Lucifersprincess
9th daver1138
14th sammykaye1 Strange-Angel  
20th faythrose
26th Scarlett-Angelheart  flashphil
31st peexelle


3rd DoctorEvil06
7th BlackTearsAngel
10th livwell2
20th dagger3000
21th ThisBleedingRose


6th LilithPhotography
8th arfy101
17th frankmarlowe Ordinary-Stock
20th Blacksoulofdeath


5th beauzero
11th kwncy  
20th sweetestofnightmares
26th LaVolpeCimina


1st Asterisk-Sky
2nd LadyAmdis
4th zakenda04
9th Kitarina
12th reno-fan-girl
13th NananaTsuky lindseyshemwell
27th ApertureStar  


3rd Ivannia03
9th DustwaveStock
16th OpheliaWhispers
14th mythic-cinderella
25th MeaShadow

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OminousShadows's avatar
Damn, I have been gone for months.... who were the winners? Well I suppose I wasn't one of them since I never received any messages.
moroka323's avatar
Congratulations to the winner :hug:
DitaMortemi's avatar
Contrats to winners!!
They're already featured here [link]
fernandda's avatar
what's the name a font write TRAUMA CONTEST?
Nirelstock's avatar
the same as the journal (look at the credit space you can find the creator there)
srag's avatar
congrats for all the winners and runner-ups...gr9 work :clap:
JinDevilKazama's avatar
Congrats to the winners.
Rakuen-No-Sayuri's avatar
Congratulations to all the winners!!
Kechake's avatar
Wow!! :faint: I love all the winners, they are well chosen and thank you thank you thank you!! :heart: :blowkiss:
livwell2's avatar
congrats to the winners :)
doll-lucci's avatar
:thanks: T H A N K Y O U V E R Y M U C H ! :)
kwncy's avatar
congats to all
JinDevilKazama's avatar
When are we going to find out about the winners?
Nirelstock's avatar
I hope soon. Sadly 2 of the judges told me, they can't judge, and I haven't heard of the other ones yet. I had asked for their judge to be in by this weekend, so I hope I will get atleast 1-2 votes.
vuk4's avatar
:popcorn: :confused: When we can expect the day of judgment ? :judge::devil:
Nirelstock's avatar
I dont know yet, sorry it is taking me a while, I even haven't added the last entries yet, so...
xiete's avatar
great entries :D
CherrieHoodie's avatar
i wish you said we could write Q_Q gonna try
Doom-Art's avatar
=D I'll try to join, ^^
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