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I'm still college student, and late 1 year (5 years in college), it sucks.. you know, I hate formal education. My final project is nearly finished, but I'm to lazy lately. So I will focusing on clearing this obstacle. This means I will not post any artwork at the moment. Maybe I need 2 month for clearing this one. This doesn't mean I will not practice in 2 month, absolutely I will. Lastly I'm still practicing gesture, that was really fun, more fun than doing final project document.

Ah about final project, I studied computer science, and the software is done (at least for presentation) long ago. But I just don't have motivation to work at the document. 2 Month for chapter 4 & 5, I think I can do it in 1 month. But you know, revision is really make my mood down instantly, especially when you don't have any clue with that revision. That was why lastly I really don't have motivation for doing it. When my mood is broken, I can't focus at anything. But now I thinking about it again, I need to finish this obstacle, and be freely, making my dream come true, become "true" game developer.