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The Mighty Hercules

Hope you like it!
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The pose of a true hero.

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Nippy 13 has done it again with a epic and simultaneously hilarious picture serving as a throwback not just to Disney but to classic Greek mythology. The classic image of Hercules had always depicted the big lug sporting the skin of the Nemean Lion long before Disney came along. Indeed, this image serves to imply if Hercules did sport the lion skin in the Disney movie, it'd expand the Easter Egg a few notches. Anybody who has watched the film will have noticed that Herc was posing in a lion skin looking suspiciously like Scar. Indeed, we may be correct in assuming Zazu predicting Scar's fate as a throw rug, and yet a lot more: The famed fur coat of Hercules. Who would thought that throw rug Scar would make Herc invincible (given the Nemean Lion's fame of having thick fur). Once again, Nippy 13 has presented us with an image to make our smile escalate to a wide grin to this Disney Easter Egg/throwback to classic mythology. Grazie, Nippy 13.
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thank you so much for your time!
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You're welcome. :) Least I can do for somebody I hope I can work with someday. :)
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I love that when you do your Disney works the lines are so flawless, thin and just perfect just like theirs. You should be working for them in one of their animation studios, either in America or the ones in Europe or Australia.
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I. LOVE.IT!!!!!!!!!! :D
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"Well forgive me for not jumping for joy. Bad back, you know"
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Special guest appearance by Scar as the Nemean Lion.
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I like it! Well done!
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The classic Hercules look...complete with throwrug Scar. :D
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Mighty Hercules, indeed! Mighty fine!
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Hahahahahaha, I loved that reference.
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Somehow Scar made it from Africa to Greece.
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I remember that Easter egg with Scar. Well Zazu did say he'd make a very handsome throw rug. :giggle:
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I guess the hyenas didn't finish Scar after the fall from the cliff and he managed to reach Greece...
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